New Video: Gunplay “Guillotine Swordz”

Gunplay makes the best of his house arrest and gets into it with himself for his new video. The freestyle is off his 601 & Snort mixtape which you can grab here.

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    This nigga

  • yo rapradar is banning me

  • yo

  • 85

    Swagga jacking that old Methodman style … wtf nigguh, this would be OK if it was original

    Coke…. life, what’s the matter with your clothes.
    Coke…. life, did you put it all in your nose ….

  • R

    So he asked for a work permit on house arrest to film that at someoe elses house. He aint living like that.

  • PEEP

    ^haaa. “throw it on your schedule” says P.O.

  • rapaddict2050

    haha this was actually aight tho

  • A

    Big House with no furniture….

  • Mike smiff

    Haha… I’m diggin it… He still workin…. Gotta respect it, plus it wasn’t bad…

  • Yellow nigga

    Ahh it’s ‘106 and snort’ anyways….

  • it is 601 and snort u trippen

  • John Cusack

    must be bored

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    I hate this clown but that beat was cold as fuck.

    • B.Dot

      it’s raekwon’s beat

  • B

    It should be against the law for Gunplay to rhyme on this beat, if it ain’t Wu Tang on this track, then don’t rhyme to it ! The beat alone is sooooooo sick, peace to the Rza!!!!