YMCMB Signs EDM Duo Stafford Brothers

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Cash Money expands their navy once again and sign Australian production/DJ duo, The Stafford Brothers. Their lead single “Hello” will feature Lil Wayne and Christina Milan. Says Birdman and Slim:

“The Stafford Brothers blew me away with their energy, superb production skills and strong remixes,” says Bryan “Birdman” Williams, who co-founded Cash Money Records alongside his brother, Ronald “Slim” Williams. “Their music may have a party vibe, but that didn’t fool Slim and I. With their ownership of nightclubs, their own reality television show, international tours and dedication to their craft, we knew the Stafford Brothers were serious and would fit right in with the hardworking YMCMB family.”

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  • Birdham


  • zezzoi

    Whatever, you & I may not like it….But YMCMB gettin that EDM money. Can’t hate.

  • Mallymal

    Sign them & throw Wayne on their first single. Same formula.

  • Doesn’t really matter

    Wow hate it or love it YMCMB is going overseas making bread … Jay Sean no one other here but go look at his singles and hits in the UK and he is #1 and I don’t like jay Sean but pay respect when it’s due !! Slim got more than birdman and never touched a mic lol

  • Midsize Jerm

    I feel like what happens is these artists get into contact with YMCMB through normal means, trying to get a Weezy verse because they cheaper now than they been in years, and then the only way they get that verse is by accepting Birdman’s offer to sign them, they drop the track, it gets no buzz, nothing ever comes of it. I mean, whatever happened to that Kesha-esque ‘rock’ singer bullshit they had goin’ a year or so ago?


  • Black Shady

    YMCMB signs a million artists ….only wayne, drake and nicki comes out

  • fh

    Tyga too @black shady

  • floridaboy

    look like fuckboys

  • PEEP

    Sounds like money.

  • daFnDON

    this is stupid..real raps dead…people that are like YMCMB dont deserve any of this