• Blockah

    What else! Shake dooooown!

  • jinx

    Mixtape Rapper 4Life. Sad really

  • BKNets

    At this point does anyone really care about this guy? Seriously doing BK a disservice with wanting to be Shorty Lo. Cafe gave up rappin soon as he signed with Diddy. he forgot how to kill the track.

  • The Other P

    Been checking & will continue to check for Cafe

  • RapTV

    OMFG! He’s still trying. No way he’s comin out with his first album with a fanbase of over 35 yr olds only that remember him from back in the day. He debut album should be called the “40/40 Club” GTFOH!

  • AtlRyder

    Damn he’s almost 40 years old and still got Fab holding his hand. Is it me or does cafe rap worse than waka flacka now?