New Video: Skylar Grey x Eminem “C’Mon Let Me Ride”

In support of her forthcoming, Don’t Look Down, Skylar Grey and guest Eminem takes us through the trailer park in Detroit for their new video. Was that a chick with three breasts?

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  • Real Music Rises

    I love the sarcasm in this the subliminal shots at katy perry , britney spears , rihanna and beyonce and many more! Props to skylar and Em for a great song! And A funny clip

  • vinnyp

    whats the opposite of swag? this bitch is just that

  • Kaylo

    I love this video. So funny. Making fun of over sexualization. And Eminem’s verse is hilarious. I love it when he’s not screaming.

    “She’s distracted
    By my reflectors, man, I can tell the chick’s attracted
    My wheels spoke to her, my Schwinn is a chick magnet
    Bagging up chicks like a bag of chips
    With a bag of prophylactics as big as Mick Jagger lips
    Shagging is something I’m a pro at, but I ain’t practicing shit”

  • Phil

    Point understood. But this was beyond fucking disturbing.

  • Chris

    Seriously, this is one of the worst songs I’ve ever heard in my life… It’s a shame what a shelf of his former self Eminem has become… When was the last time he spit a great verse?

  • Nickey Black

    Regardless of the above or below excuses, this song SUCKS!

    Em verse was kinda cool


  • leon

    whats cool is how skylar took the old approach that em use to do with singles. first singles are all comedic . I like her style

  • onanigga

    I hope she worshipped Em’s cock.

  • dopeaom

    it’s actually good to see Eminem having fun, out of black jacket and trousers and not just screaming over a beat. The song ain’t much, it’s just a parody so take it for what it is.. but the video is hilarious.

  • buking

    skylar is dope. i was hoping she would make music i could listen too… this is not it, but i can see it being hit.

  • SkylarGrey’sRoots

    How NICE of Eminem to relelase this video on the 4th day of Hanukkah for a VERY beautiful up and coming Jewish Girl!!! 😀 Hafermann?!?!?!!!!!!! A GREAT Jewish name indeed!!!!!!!

  • Dune

    Definitely good to see eminem having fun with it again, and I actually liked his verse, it suited the song very well! Dont think he’s fallen off at all!


    get this commercial bullshit outta hurr, where’s the real hip hop Em?

  • Black Shady

    what is this hillbilly shit ???????????????

    damn Em…I cant co-sign that my nigga

    but we still got 2013 on locked!!!!! SHADY!


    I swear my Jewish women like Skylar Grey sing this song to me EVERY TIME I GET READY TO STICK MY DICK IN THEM 🙂 I’m not a Christian, so I guess my Christian friends can tell me about this song?!?!!!!!!!! I get the understanding of the song because of the song being sung to me BEFORE I LITERALLY GO IN ON MY ESTHERS LOL 😉

    O come, O come, Emmanuel

    And ransom captive Israel

    Rejoice!!! Rejoice!!!!

    Emmanuel Shall come to thee, O Israel.

  • Bangers N Mash

    Yela should of had a verse on this too haha

  • Shyne

    Skylar Grey and Eminem make a great duo. They will be more powerful than Jay Z and Beyonce

  • Unknown

    You can tell Jimmy Iovine threatened Em to make a song with her. Shit, he’s executive producing her album.

    It’s just some friendly favor for a label-mate.


    SKYLAR RIPPED PINK AT 2:03-2:20 AND AT 3:11-3:13 WITH EMINEM’S SKY SALUTE HAAAA 🙂 3:19-3:37 EMINEM CLOWNING NON IMPORTANT BROKE BIKE “WORSHIPPERS” LIKE YEAH BIKES ARE SO IMPORTANT THEY’RE LIKE GOD,NOPE. 🙂 LMAO AT EMINEM CLOWNING DUMB BIKE WORSHIPPERS LMAO :)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Heather Brooks

    Been there, she already done that..Copy Pink are we Skylar, do you have any of your own ideas?

  • cory

    ay this shit goes


    u know em’s hittin that

  • I actually like’s really a parody.Em’s verse is dope.they got another dope song too
    Loch 50 Cent ft. Eminem and Adam Levine My Life freestyle:

  • C-will

    This parody/satire is fucking golden! GENIUS

  • dave

    eminem needs a aong with 2chains ad.his career is fallun apart

  • Brooksie

    What Holly and Marshall did is disgusting, women are being raped, beating and molested on this game you all love to play, and you are acting as if it was a joke. How the hell any of you can live with the fact that this is the life you choose to live, is beyond me. Glad I choose to walk, instead of staying around, as now the FBI and CIA are involved. This has gone to far, and now you all are going to end up ruining your lives for nothing but a drama filled game.

  • Follow Me On Twitter @iCardsFan502

    I think some of you young faggots are forgetting the fact that at this point of Em’s career, he can do whatever the fuck he wants to do. He could write an entire album about fruits and vegetables, and his album would sell more copies than your favorite rapper’s.

    This isn’t even a rap or r&b song, and the fact that it’s posted on every relevant hip-hop website on the web, just proves how important he is to the genre itself.

  • R

    M is stilling dropping this song even doe the beat sucks donkeys ass!!!

  • funny video

  • JJ

    2012 version of Stupid Girls but its dope! I can dig it. Wasn’t feelin the song at first but the video made me like it.

  • PistolPistol

    I don’t know I guess someone of the few that fucking love it. That shit is funny as hell!
    Laughed at Em tryn to pull that trailer full of chicks dragging that shit down the street… Then taking a dig at little Wayne doing that dance on the porch shit was funny

  • Areyoupeopleblind

    They are making fun of other artist, and Eminem owe’s skylar grey one for I need a doctor and Love the way you lie, just like the favor he did for pink’s album, if you would hop off his dick an see he is older now and trying to help other artist out maybe you would understand. Understand why people do what they do, then make a judgement.