• jake$ the motherfuckin answer

    that nigga look like the junk yard dog raping

  • R

    Dope I caught when he said you keep changing up ur style uhh that’s a subliminal for the fake Frechman Arab that keeps using lil Johns uhh

  • O-block beng beng

    He quietly murdered this. Yall listen too slow tho.

  • FTW

    Action been dope.

    That beat was horrible tho.

  • ACE

    This fat fuck is wack as shit!!

  • Fugg you

    Haters gon hate even when it’s beautiful haha

  • worst beat ever?

  • LAOne

    Action so dope.
    How did he get stuck with the wack ass DJ Prostyle.
    That beat is trash. Sounds like a phone ringing.