Ma$e Officially Off Bad Boy

Ma$e also visited RapFix Live earlier. He reflected on his past career, retiring and coming back. He also revealed that Puff let him out of his Bad Boy contract just days ago and officially parted ways.

“I’ve been in that contract for 16 years. Yeah, the other day he let me out of it, so big shout-outs to Diddy, I guess he woke up feeling good and he wanted to do something good.”

When asked who he would sign with, the free agent says he’d consider G.O.O.D. Music.  

“At this point, I don’t really want to be under nobody from the aspect of being tied in a long, long contract. It’s kinda like breaking up; you don’t want to jump into a new relationship. I’ma have to go somewhere. I would entertain that. I love Kanye, I love what he does musically, I love his ability to push the envelope. I like to be around people that’s not afraid to be different.”

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  • MW

    Wait…wasn’t there video of Diddy signing a release of Mase’s contract like 3, 4 years ago ?

  • Devante

    So the video of him in 09 running up on Puff with his release papers and the goons behind him was fake?

  • Why is everything diddys fault?

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Is he a Pastor or a Rapper? This dude is a joke. 1 minute he is talking about “the word” next time you hear from him he talking crazy on wax.

  • Black Shady

    Just sign a 1 album deal somewhere or stay independant smh. niggas with record deals are floppin everywhere. its fuckin floppin season lolol

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  • Nova

    @ZoomZoomDad-Otis I’m wondering the samething smh

  • DJ Game

    lol at his reaction when they brought up ymcmb.

  • 3hunna

    he should with gbe.this nigga too trill

  • M.T

    Ma$e killed his verse on “Higher”. that shit is still on repeat.

  • poetic assasin

    Damn, So thats y we didnt really hear him drop anything, because he was still tied to Puff… Even after all these yrs Puff still calling shots.

  • Oj da Cornball

    SMH @ Puff. Dude is like slave-master for real.
    Why would you hold on to him that long, 16 years, even when you couldn’t do anything with him?

  • eduardo

    The papers that diddy signed was the papers that gave ma$e the freedom to do songs with any artist he wanted to.

  • Truu


  • HOVA

    Is Ma$e trying to comeback and sell records or is he just trying to make a historical comeback? I don’t see him making money in this game to today. Way too much talent today.

  • hope we get an album soon cant wait


    mase your a fag for letting another fag (puffy) fuck you over all these years..

  • Bry from Boston

    Ma$e is the shit.. Zoomzoomotis is a fag

  • the truth

    Street King Immortal on the way. be ready things gone change

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    @Bry from Boston. I notice your suffering from a “stupidity complex”. What the MMG fan club doesnt take EBT cards?

  • Bry from Boston

    Sorry ZoomZoom Im a huge fan of the best era in rap bad boy/death row… I must be such a loser for that.. And i dont know what an ebt card is?? I assume its for a train or something? I drive a G35 infinite coupe fag

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    [email protected]”I drive a G35 infinite coupe”.

  • County Of Kings

    yall small minded fucks. this is real business. this doesnt make puff grimey, this makes puff one of the richest moguls in the history of hiphop.

    mase signed the contract, nobody put a gun to his head. why would puff let him out the contract? for what reason cuz they cool? they not cool its business. if somebody wanted to buy the contract great for the right price it can be sold. he aint let gunit have him cuz they was just gonna use it for 50 next beef/album campaign.
    clearly puff still thought mase had talent or was marketable thats why he didnt rip up the contract. now he doesnt. puff didnt get to where he is by being stupid. yall can either be mase, or be puffy. smarten up

  • B-More

    Who the fuck is checking for a new Mase album tho? Drop a couple features or whatever, but i can’t imagine anyone actually coppin his album.

  • Ma$e

    We might get mail from the postman or we might just get a song from Ma$e…because hes back

  • flo Jo

    Don’t leave while your hot, that’s how Ma$e screwed up. *kanye voice*

  • casper21

    I think i remember reading or hearing that the papers he had Puff sign on live radio weren’t a release from Bad Boy, it was something like the ability to record records with anybody he wanted without permission from Diddy. He was signed for so long that it wouldn’t surprise me if Diddy had a clause in his contract that he couldn’t work with anybody unless diddy said ok. Kind of like G unit in their few years in the spotlight, they really only worked with each other.

  • DawgMG

    Aint shit goin 2 change fuk 50sk

  • chicago

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  • HK

    16 years is a loooooong time