New Mixtape: Young Jeezy It’s Tha World

its tha world-cover

Tha World is yours Jeezy’s. Now that Da Snowman has pressed the restart button on CTE, here’s his new mixtape, hosted by DJ Drama. Download after the jump.


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  • Peekay

    Is that song really called Too Many Comas? Knowing how these guys always talk about $ I’m thinking it should be Too Many Commas? Maybe it’s a pun?

  • areal1

    shit fiya!!!it’s tha world!!!!!

  • SomeWhereUnknown

    Tape is dope so far



  • its cho boi

    what is the original track of “knob broke”?

  • This mixtape was ok..Its not like how the original snowman was..i miss that motivation 101trap or die jeezy..just my thoughts

    click the link above if you need beats!!

  • Facts

    Yous a got damn lie

  • MMG

    Not even a Gibbs feature.Ungrateful mofo

  • Aggie Pride

    Officer Rozay YOUS A GOT DAMN LIE!!!

  • Orpheus

    @Aggie Pride Jeezy would’ve played those shows, and carried his piece on stage in case any GDs tried to fuck wit him

  • DoinTooMuch

    Damn!!! track 10>>>

  • Devante

    @ MMG
    Gibbs had plenty of Feature on The Real Is Back 1&2.. He even had an album feature

  • Churrch on the move

    jeezy a fuck nigga he only signed gibbs to try to keep up w/ ross …if u dont see that ur blind my nigga

  • brollya

    dis shit goes in…. jeezy killin it for the new year….

  • baous

    Recycle Bin Music.

  • Get Real

    Should’ve sold this tape Jeezy. Too dope to be a freebie.

  • vvho

    the outro beat sounds like some Carter 2 fly in fly out type of thing

    should have used that for the intro would have been sick. Song with trey songz is album worthy. 7/10 mixtape

  • CaliSteppin

    Off topic but god dam T.I.’s album Trouble Man is flames!! Top 5 rap album of the year

  • west

    I am amazed at how wack Young Jeezy has become he needs to hook back up with his first producer Shawty Red or wateva his name is I still bump his old mixtapes tho but i cant fuck with the wack shit he puttin out lately

  • waterboy

    not feeling todays wack producers

  • Kenny’s Dominos

    @CaliSteppin so you saying it leaked?

  • Milli

    not feelin the tape at all. jeezy needs better features and producers,

  • Beaming

    Recycled music, not feeling this at all we need that trap shit from jeezy not this. It really might b rip for jezzy.

  • CaliSteppin

    @Kenny’s Dominos Ssssh. Cop it on the 18th though

  • jake$ the motherfuckin answer

    jeezy shit on fire,rozy you listen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!mmg god forgive i don’t suspect.meek album suspect.mmg can’t fuck with CTE.cte we all we got boi!!!!!!!!!!!!!! rozy in the radio station shooting a movie.

  • J

    No Gibbs, no thanks

  • drew

    if i dont like this tape imma choke jeezy

  • Cruel Thing

    I like it, it’s different from trap music which is good.

  • floridaboy

    real trap shit

  • Scrilla[Gibbs the rip off DMX is garbage and will never blow he should just retire]

    Jeezy is the GOAT. Gibbs is just a cry baby


    shit is fire

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  • The original lucci

    3.5*s sounded like 1 long song except for the dj mustard tracks!!


    its ok, good for a mixtape

  • R

    great mixtape

  • 3rdRail

    I’m not even a Jeezy fan, but I thoroughly enjoyed this mixtape.

  • bylaw99

    Whelp I wont be letting this one get borrowed…How U Feel, Turn uP or Die, Tonite, Get Right, Knob Broke..this is doper than any street album that came out this year. Top 5 still living.

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