New Video: 360 & J.Cole “What Goes Up”

360 sure knows how to rock a crowd. And in this viral for his J.Cole-produced cut, he drops footage of his live performance and the tandem’s studio session. Enjoy this feature presentation—bang, bang, bang!

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  • show biz

    Nigga had this show rockin!!

  • Ball

    That clip at the end is mad funny lol

  • Conspiracy Theory

    This guy must be signed. First a track with Jada and Gibbs, now a track produced by Cole. Well, at least he’s got good music.

  • Jive Turkey

    Man I been seeing this nigga a lot lately. Who he signed to?

  • YeoYeo

    ^^^ Rap Radar Records

  • Bain4prez

    Bang Bang Bang!!!

  • Conspiracy Theory

    Maybe Def Jam or Roc Nation. Rap Radar Records. Haha you must be a disgruntle rapper.

  • Hip-Hop


  • Chronic

    This dudes entire audience is white

  • King Foamposite

    Who is he sign 2? This dude is nice…when is the album coming?

  • lol

    lol thats all i gotta say, anything else will get me banned

  • Chris

    Show looks live. Song sounds good

  • Black Shady

    How the fuck this nigga rocking a crowd when I only see him on rapradar..AND it was because of a j.cole beat LOL

    WTF is going on

  • E$CO

    Crazy performance.

    how the fuck this nigga rocking a crowd when I only see him on rap radar.. <<< mmm, maybe all you go to is rap radar? *light bulb moment*

  • FaceTime100

    You can only tell if hes rocking the crowd if the show the actual performance footage. Those cuts and chops of that performance footage mean nothing. Hes more then likely opening up for someone. Thats not his crowd for sure. Side note song was decent.

  • Confused

    What site isn’t he on black shady? Want links ??? What sites do you visit other than rap radar?

  • Hi Hater

    How the hell isn’t that live footage? People hate for no reason at all. This guy is pretty good. Much better than the crap that’s out now. I’m def fucking with 360.

  • This is cool.beat is right.he flowing.Gotta peep some more of his shit out.he must be working if he’s on here and doing large shows and they know his shit.He doing something right

    Loch –50 Cent ft Eminem and Adam Levine My Life Freestyle

  • Trill Cosby

    @FaceTime100 at the beginning of the video the crowd is clearly screaming his name. How is that not his crowd?

  • Homie

    This crowd looks like “my first rapper friend”. nice song tho.

  • knickstape

    didn’t we see all this cole footage already? let go of that testicle dawg!!!

  • SomefunnyIsh

    360 > trinidad james

  • tito lopez is legit

    360 moving up