New Video: Loaded Lux “True Love”

True love is hard to come by. But Loaded Lux shows his for his son in his new music video. Good song with an even better message. Cop the Beloved LP here.

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  • Pete from Harlem


    Well thought out and executed.
    IMO Lux could’ve gotten really deep and tapped that hidden potential, a la “One Mic” or “Lose Yourself”.

    But I like this nonetheless.

  • Showboat

    Milking that hell out of that battle. . .

    Still its a very good song

  • This is fire.Lux is taking his music and battling to a new level.S/O to Smack too.Song is dope.beat is tight.I’m feeling this song
    Loch – My Life Freestyle

  • VapedLife

    I hope this sing don’t get overlooked. This some real shit. About to cop the album. Keep keeping it real Lux.

  • Royalty of this shyt!


  • Ra’Nique

    Love the message… wonder if i’ll hear it on hot 97 or power??? lol no pun intended

  • Jules

    That Santino joint was tuff and I fuck with this. Straight work.

  • He gone get this work!! lol…That nigga Lux has came back strong right? i remember watchin him when i was like 14 15 battling..much respect to him..blessed

    Looking for beats? Check out

  • Bigboy

    Damn, very great song. this that shit that makes a nigga want to grow up. Real music

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  • Marko-V

    I initally skipped this video because idk I just feel let down by Loaded Lux tryin to actually carve out a career in rap when he could become so much bigger with the whole battling venue and parlay that into something else. Idk yo. I listened to that Combat Jack podcast wit Lux on there and it seems belittling to view Lux as a rapper when it’s evident he’s an all around entertainer and writer and the rap trap will only let him go so far. Look at how much Trinidad James got and Lux droppin straight jewels on the people and where’s the hype? SMH. Yo, this song is great and the message is greater. Lux if you reading this, keep pushing.


    Not even gone put my mixtape on here. Salute to real Hip-Hop on this one.