Wiz Khalifa Day Declared In Pittsburgh

It’s Wiz Khalifa Day today in Pittsburgh. Yesterday, Councilman William Peduto joined the rapper during yesterday’s proclamation and honored him with his own 24 hours. 12/12 is the new 4/20?

“Wiz Khalifa is proud of his Pittsburgh background and takes every opportunity to sing the praises of Pittsburgh around the world,” said Councilman William Peduto.

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  • Trillionaire

    Lol..dat nig Wiz look stoned

  • moreffa

    and he’s wearing a hat that says “dope”

  • wiz look like he took 50 years in jail

  • R

    Someone feed him please!!!

  • Da Truthhhh


  • 412foreva

    fukk dis boi. he aint pittsburgh. he aint frm da hood. burgh kno wat it is dis faggot soft wit his tight ass pants. gay as shyt


    I’m all for rewarding success, but the least he could’ve done was look presentable…is that we wanna show those kids from the Burgh, smoke weed, rap n maybe you too can get honored while looking out of place in city hall? Gotta clean up better than that and I’m sure he knows how, he just probably didn’t feel like it and that to me is the ultimate sign of laziness.

  • King


  • Slim Baller

    Smh what is this world coming to? A city honoring a rapper who only raps about bullshit. GREAT INFLUENCE…not…

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    [email protected]”Someone feed him please!!!”…Somebody get WIZ some wingstop.

  • onenutned

    thats a good look for wiz and for potheads everywhere…motivation.

  • DK

    For just 10 cents a day, you can feed this starving child…

  • rahrahrah

    I don’t listen to dude’s music, but this is funny. Wiz and Amber! Drug head, albeit with serious success in the music business, with his pregnant girlfriend! Big up to the counterculture. Hope it works out for you all! No apologies.

  • Nathaniel


    he’s a rapper, not a politician. he came as wiz khalifa, to be honored as wiz khalifa, for being wiz khalifa.

    hip hop. he represents the brand he built, and the culture. so why would he come trying to look like he “belonged” at city hall? whatever that means. apparently he belonged just fine being himself, which is why today is wiz khalifa day. it’s simple.

  • chan

    He is so hungover! nigga was celebrating last night….. HA!

  • Donn

    COSIGN @Nathaniel. Look like u belong?? Wtf?

  • dopeaom

    let him be himself.. if they honoured him they did it beause he is wiz khalife the rapper, not a shiny suit politician.. I don’t even listen to his music, but I respect that he actually came in front of them all at a city hall and didn’t try to ”impress” anyone by wearing a suit just because he is where he is

  • Cam

    Wiz is from the hood. Hazelwood is a crip nayborhood. So cut that.. He ain’t a “street nigga” but he doesn’t portray that shit. He’s just a good kid that smokes weed and makes music. Good for him.

  • the brain trust

    I’m glad you guys called bullshit on the nigga who said Wiz shoulda worn a suit. Why is that requirement?

    I’ve said it before and i’ll say it again. Some of you Uncle Toms are ashamed of the hip hop culture.

  • joycefrances766

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  • That Guy

    How can a city body recognize Wiz Khalifa…and name a day after him!? What sort of decline are we on? Pathetic and more so, alarming.

  • eXtreme.com

    Amber lookin good.

  • floridaboy

    my nigga wiz

  • Gasper Gomez

    weak ass nigga day declared in pittsburgh.Honestly,thats who the give they own day too?! A skinny jean wearin, weed blowin coon?! Killyoselfs pittsburgh


    @nathaniel belong meaning the adjustment to who he really is, not what perception will garner him cool points from hippies worldwide…I’m not knocking his concept, but c’mon now, the kid looks like he didn’t even wash his face and yes he may not give a fuck what a person like me thinks, he can still be a much better presented product to his city…not maybe a suit, meaning, a clean look that’s all…I’ll agree wit the hangover comment cuz that’s what I’ll wanna think this was…and yes I am a fan of Wiz


    he could’ve worn the same shit n made it look better that’s all i’m saying, his perception to the masses can affect his new found fans to be gained by this honor

  • PEEP

    my lord

  • enfamil

    what the fuck is this world coming to

  • Carlo