Jay-Z D’USSÉ Launch Party At LIV

Over the weekend, Hov hosted a launch party for D’USSÉ cognac at LIV nightclub in Miami. Couldn’t get pass the velvet rope? Here’s a recap courtesy of Headliner Market Group.

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  • mother fuck what i wouldnt give to club at LIV with HOV. Geezus.

  • Capon

    This old nigga still promoting the white man liquior? black sheep lol. Couldn’t stand to see diddy on top haahaha Mr camel ageing with greed and envy

  • damone

    Damn capon. A black man can’t get money to sponsor shot now. Crab,in the barrel add people kill me.

  • Mike

    Damn. STILL no Gza and Dr.Tyson smh

  • Mike

    @b.dot, Rap Radar doesn’t like science?

  • IamRealTalk *MKW* – Five-☆-General of MKW – “Get on ma instragram You’ll See me Getting a Message on 1 of those instagrams…I was in the Palms…. out in Vegas…. i made da best of da night”



  • Jay stay stuntin on niggas.Jay in a whole other league.Can’t knock the hustle
    Loch 50 Cent ft. Eminem and Adam Levine My Life freestyle: http://youtu.be/5JgMw5YMb5Q

  • this is 50

    niggas gonna die before thy see shit like this in person REALTALK oh yeah i mean the other side of the VIP

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  • michelle michelle

    What’s he making off that Ace of Spades, that’s what I wanna know


    Fuck Mahmud

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  • OhWORD


    you sound like one of those lil bitch niggas that won’t amount to nothing. To be successful you will have to branch out to other races, how about you stay on the sidelines and be the bitch nigga you’re and watch REAL people get money while you hate lol

    Their will always be haters, that’s the way it is…..hater niggas marry hater bitches, and have hater kids.

    – Ye lol

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  • WMJ

    Who dat talking bout Hova still promoting the white mans liquor? Probably some nigga that’s getting ready to leave the white man studio he renting, dressed in the white man clothes he bought with the little money he making on the white man job. Chirl please! @Capon…go play….Hova busy.

  • SKlass

    HOV made 50 million off Ace of Spade in 2012 .. Imagine what he gonna make in 2013 off of D’USSE. Instead of hating, you should be motivated

  • The original lucci

    Shit sound corny. “I’m a dusse boy” foh. Can’t no cognac fuck wit Hennessy or remy Martin, sorry hov hen and coke just sounds rigght