Papoose Questions Hot 97 Programming

Niggaz done started something. Papoose broke bread with Hot 97’s morning drive and questioned the lack of local airplay. In a nutshell, Pap echoed my sentiments over the last few days. Afterward he spoke on his relationship with wife, Remy Ma.

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  • Yup !




    AND HOT 97 KNOWS THAT!!!!!!


    HA !

  • Your Father

    Glad Papoose is also bringing this issue up but let’s be real Papoose is wack as fuck.
    Wish it were someone actually dope complaining.
    This dude blew up as a result of New York trying to claim they had new blood in the game post Hov/Nas but this nigga is so wack and his radio joints further reinforce that sentiment.

  • Pridd

    I feel the same way……. Break some NY artist….. Go YouTube Pridd….. NYC StandUp

  • ***CROMER BEATS***

    I’m glad the issue on the whole is being brought up. NY or any other state. Truf!!!
    This is some progress.

    Something diff (Hate or love it leave your fb) One —->

  • First iff pappoose even if ny started playing more real hiphop or ny hiphop it still wouldnt be you

  • @treyofive

    i’m calling bullshit. Miami radio don’t sound like Miami. Local artist have the same beef as he have…. Shit SoBe is like NY #2. New York rep heavy in the clubs down here

  • IamRealTalk *MKW* – Five-☆-General of MKW – “Get on ma instragram You’ll See me Getting a Message on 1 of those instagrams…I was in the Palms…. out in Vegas…. i made da best of da night”



    “First iff pappoose even if ny started playing more real hiphop or ny hiphop it still wouldnt be you”
    ^^^^^^^^NUFF SAID


  • Black Shady

    Ebro gettin more press than any rapper in the last week….wth

    and Papoose….just stop. talkin bout u touring nationwide lol

  • genericmofo’s

    who cares about radio play anymore these rappers need to chill and go upload some shit on youtube cause thats what matters kendrick nor cole gets radio play and they pushing more records than bumass mmg and they always on the radio time to let these radio personalites know that they dont matter anymore fuck flex fuck rosenberg fuck hot 97 as a stuff and as a mother fucking crew and if u wanna be down with hot 97 then fuck you too

  • B West

    His music is not making an impact. Not even on the internet. It really never made an impact. When you learn that fans buy into you as a whole, then you don’t need radio. Look how you carry yourself – you look regular. Regular does not make an impact.

  • genericmofo’s

    oh yeah and if hot 97 was playing more ny artist we sure wouldnt be listening to you pap smh

  • Devante

    Smh at us New Yorkers… We really thought Manio,Pappoose,Jae Millz and Saigon was gonna carry the touch.

  • hannibal lecture

    Honestly the chickens have come home to roost. NY used to hate on other artist outside of The east coast now Ny music is not poppin everybody wants to rant and rave.

  • Pete from Harlem

    I totally agree with Papoose on how NY radio should dictate the path to follow,
    the artists that should get those looks, and set the bar a bit higher than everyone else.
    Ebro Darden may think he’s doing that…maybe. the end of the day, Radio makes decisions based of what drives home their bottom line.


  • G.K.M.C


  • this is 50

    who they play pay they bills the people vote on youtube look at that all gold everything nigga we gave him a deal we clicked play and got his views up… with that being said who listens to the raido……fuck radio

  • this is 50

    pap is a has been he was popn after that 50 beef Jada n what not he was hot n blew his chance he didnt run with it and become a great like Nas pap u was the man homie what the fuck happend to you

  • Kush

    Jada styles p nas jay-z Lloyd banks Vado nicer than any mainstream south rapper. We even had the mainstream on lock with French Montana till he started fuckin with them MMG cats.

  • Kush

    New York could easily be setting the precedent. These niccas just scurrred *gucci voice*

  • Chronic

    The dudes who are reppin NY good right now (Flatbush zombies, joey bada$$, the underachievers) arent radio friendly at all. Truly good music is rarely what radio stations want. They just want simple, catchy shit that has a lot of bass.

    And half of the songs that people would want to hear on the radio would be bleeped out for more than half the song.

  • Chronic

    Also in regards to the whole YouTube to get big thing. YouTube is the reason Riff raff, chief kief, Trinidad James, odd future (who I personally like), kreayshawn and countless others got deals. And look how good those turned out for the labels. YouTube hits don’t mean people will buy someone’s music, it means people are willing to laugh their asses off at some idiot for free.


    Dude is trash

  • changegoncome

    I know yall in new york. But the same exact argument could be said with power 106 in LA. Barely any support for LA artists to break. Some are starting to, but shit needs to change.

  • big red

    ^ agreed. barley any support in LA for local artist. Everything turning pop.

  • G.K.M.C

    Devante jus shut the fuk up no one likes u

  • Melody

    Dawg is slay even playing pap?

  • imperial85

    Papoose had his shot already

  • Realshyt

    First off pap is not trash, it’s that he doesn’t have a marketable voice but don’t front he’s far from trash…


    Na like i said dude is trash

  • Realshyt

    @jesuspiece in what way? Delivery on point, punch lines are correct, def doesn’t name drop like your favorite rapper

  • the brain trust

    Hahaha. I can’t believe @realshyt praised papoose’s punchlines.

    ‘i soo woo like a Wu-tang lawsuit’

    ‘I’ll bag dad like Iraq’

    ‘I’ll get black buried like a cellphone’

    ‘I must stash like the hair between ya lip and ya nose’

    Loool. Get the fuck outta here. This nigga is stone cold, unfiltered, unadulterated trash!

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    @Thebraintrust ha… nuff said lol

  • Gonzalo
  • Gonzalo

    Infinite Elite (Radio Diss)
    Written & Produced By Gonzalo

  • DJ Semtex’s Prothsetic

    i stopped listening to the radio a long time ago, who gon’ say who gets play on radio adn who deosnt, saying pap gets played at 12 midnight on a Thursday vs drake/2chainz getting constant air all day is decided by the dj’s, and the clubs really. radios not meant to play good hip hop, they play catchy pop tracks, unless something big happens hot 97 isnt going to change their ways, jsut how radio is

  • sealey

    Hey B-Dot,

    This wack argument has been said of every artist in every city for years. You know who’s not complaining…people with Hits. Artist need to make the streets demand to hear their song. It’s always been the case.Stop blaming Hot 97, if the majority of people weren’t listening because Papoose or whatever wack artist wasn’t on than they would feel it in their pockets.Show me an artist with a Hit track banging in the clubs and every block that’s not getting played. You can be wack Trinidad James and get on the radio…its not rocket science. P.S. your site is just as commercialized and follow the same game plan.

  • Stop dickriding

    Honestly, as a rap fan, I’m saying this from a completely unbiased vantage point. Rap doesn’t matter…at all, not enough to dictator any kind of radio airplay. Everything is formatted off of money, that pays for spins and a record must get 150 spins before its Even considered to Go into the light rotation, let alone heavy….Especially the type of rap that Papoose does. The start and peak of his career was Touch It.

  • Mike smiff

    Who do you think the Midwest, Cali, MIA and ATL was listening to from 1977-2007? Who was NY booing in the source awards when southern artist won? How many features did NY give southern artist from 1977-2007? How many southern artist was signed to major NY labels from 1977-2007?

    Basically, the Internet and steets is making these southern artist. Not radio. During the period of 1977-2007, NY gave the south no love, and the south learned to be self made without radio. So basically, NY is feeling what the south felt from 1977-2007.

    From 1977-2007, there was a lot of wack ass NY rappers that the south had to listen to on radio. And they sounded like papoose.

    Last, who was a major financial supporter of NY music from 1977-2007?

    Think about it….. And I’m from BROoklyN!

  • Livid131

    To be honest.its all about the music. It’s a new generation in NY. They want to hear something different.

  • BKfltbsh av

    PAP, your music ain’t cuttin it B. Who else had access to a million dollar deal? You had more than any other rappers coming out te gate.

  • ManFrizzle

    HAHAHA worst proponent of your case ever. Dude is so old and wack at this point. Was never hot. No hot records. If NYC produces ARTISTS and not just RAPPERS like Papoose, I’m sure they’ll get love.

  • ManFrizzle

    For real, B.Dot, this is the wackest argument man. Look around. Look at the artists who are huge right now and tell me, how did radio “break” them? They broke themselves. They solidified a fanbase, sometimes slowly, sometimes rapidly. In this era, no artist needs ANYBODY! You don’t need a radio station, a DJ, or a label. You can build a brand/story/image and most importantly, get people to feel your music, if you are legitimate. There is NOTHING stopping these cats. People aren’t playing Papoose because Papoose is wack dude. He has a role but it’s not in my iPod nor the iPod of 90% of hip-hop fans…and those are HIP-HOP fans. The landscape has changed. Show me the radio DJ that broke A$AP. Show me the DJ that “made” Drake. These dudes went out and demanded radio play because their music was that good.

    The problem with this argument is the same problem that permeates this country. Stop complaining about what’s stopping you and just make it. Just ask your boss, B. Dot. Sometimes, the hardest thing in life is just to “know your role.” It’s so simple man. Everyone thinks they’re it. Guess what – most of you ain’t.

    • B.Dot

      I hear what you’re saying, but as someone that’s been in this shit for 8 years, it’s really smoke and mirrors. And it’s set up like that for the people to believe whatever they see.

  • Duke Blue Devil

    Papoose has had Kay Slay backing him a major dj (and a radio station)
    a million dollar budget
    The internet
    Help from other NY Stations
    Guest Apperances with other rappers
    A popular wife that was a Rapper
    Tours ( Hot 97 )

    And he still ain’t making a buzz… So it’s NY fault? He making NY look bad. Im shamed by this guy!

    Don’t blame NY, blame your music.

  • Duke Blue Devil

    Wiz, chief keef, Drake, wale, meek mill, nipsey, Kendrick Lamar, big sean, Nikki min, tech 9, BOB, ect… It’s plenty of rappers out there from diverse regions.. It good for hiphop.. NY was running hiphop like a red state, like republicans, and other regions wanted diversity… Hiphop is Democratic now… So that’s what’s going on.. Hiphop ” changed its clothes”… “You can’t wear air force ones forever…”

    Question: Was NY rap good because of the music, or because they were the only ones signing people to record deals before the internet came out?

  • @Artise1

    If the hottest nigga out of NY is French Montana… NY loses.. Mighty…

  • Da Truthh


  • Da real truth

    Wiz, chief keef, Drake, wale, meek mill, nipsey, Kendrick Lamar, big sean,French, Nikki min, tech 9,ect…

    None of these niggaz from the south though?

  • Inceptocon

    This isnt the radio fault, my question is, how come nobody utilize the obvious super star potential out here in NYC. There’s been a NY artist with a progressive sound buzzin all fucking year. And none of these “blogs” are picking up on his steam. Just fucking google the kids name and see what the search results say. “Armvnii” , one literally says “New York Is Back”