Trinidad James Signs To Def Jam

Jay Z Hosts D'USSE Cognac Launch Party At LIV

Surprise, surprise. After much speculation, Billboard has confirmed that Atlanta rapper Trinidad James has signed to the house that Russell and Rick built. Says president, Joie Manda:

“We’re excited to welcome a young talent like Trinidad James to the Def Jam family,” Joie Manda says. “Def Jam prides itself as both a cornerstone of hip-hop’s rich tradition, and as a vital, forward-thinking label dedicated to breaking and nurturing emerging artists. Trinidad James represents the cutting-edge of what’s happening in the culture today. We are thrilled to have him at the label, and look forward to growing his already massive buzz.”

As part of the deal, the label will also incubate his imprint, Gold Gang Records. Interesting times we’re in. Check out DJ Self’s recent vlog featuring Trinidad after the jump.

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  • chaze

    trinidad james .. is a costume . congratulations to you if you read this .

  • Devante

    Lol is Def Jam nervous about Jeezy and Ross new moves at Atlantic? This seems like a desperation move…

  • this is 50

    represents the cutting-edge of what’s happening in the culture today…. growing his already massive buzz.”
    wow all i need is a million views and i can be on the other side of this blogging ish……. get it how u live

  • M.T

    “Trinidad James represents the cutting-edge of what’s happening in the culture today.”
    really? whats with these labels that keep signing these mediocre rappers? I guess real rap skills dont matter anymore. This dude will most likely be irrelevant in a year.

  • nigganigganigga


  • County Of Kings

    Trinidad James represents the cutting-edge of what’s happening in the culture today


    if u dumb ass niggas gonna spend money on this nigga, then why the fuck am i not the one selling this shit? there is profit to be made off of alot of fools in these streets and i’ma make it. hate the player or hate the game, either way, i’ma be rich while u over there hating.

    sincerely, joey i. e.

    @devante jeezy and ross didnt leave def jam. jeezy got a side gig at atlantic, and ross took mmg to atlantic. the 2 of them are still def jam artist tho

  • Get Real

    No reason for this dude to get a deal when you think of how other “poppin” artist damn near jump through hoops to get a deal.

  • At the end of the Day this Proves that IF ANYBODY HAS A DREAM THEY CAN GET IT. Dont hate BE GREAT!! If you think youre a Hot artist: Then make it happen. Yes, hes not the best rapper, and he knows this, but AT LEAST HE HAD THE BALLS TO MAKE IT HAPPEN FOR HIM AND HIS FAMIly. JUst think about how much money you can make if YOU JUST TRY!! Im DJ Kaleaf and IM GETTING MINES!!!

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  • Pingback: Trinidad James Signs To Def Jam | JUKEBOX:DC()

  • Bhane

    How da fuck dhis sorry basic ass nigga got a deal but my dawg Freddie Gibbs still aint signed da fuck

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Good for him.

  • Yup !

    Trinidad James>>>>> J.Cole

    Pop a MOLLY i’m sweatin WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Genesis

    Congratulations….. Few months in and signed…… It happens for some and he’s just one of the lucky ones…… Whatever…..

  • paw


  • king

    @Genesis… exactly.

  • Black Shady

    BIGGEST FUCKERY OF THE YEAR!!!!! and it happened like 18 days before the end of 2012

    if Def Jam is NOT on the “YOU PLAYED YOURSELF” on RapRadar….I dont know whats going on


  • Ramel

    The reality is DefJam is the Titantic sinking. This is the usual Gimmick move that won’t pay off…What talent Joey IE??? SMH

  • ***CROMER BEATS***

    Wow that was quick as fuck! Can’t hate, he made the right moves. Thats why it happened so fast. Speed chess. Good for him. Bless up.


    Something different —->

  • nigga nigga nigga its sad

  • wowowwoowwowoww im soooo surprised and this guy admitted he only been rapping for 10 months…

  • rahrahrah

    How many songs you know from the Macarena guys? Exactly it’s pop music, you just need to pop. He popped. It’s as simple as that. More people pop from effort and talent than by seeming fluke. Live and learn.

  • Yeezus Christ

    “young talent” ROFL

  • Unknown

    The fact that he said he’s been rapping for 10 months and STILL got signed….. SMH

    cant with this bullshit.

  • B

    Hip hop has really changed over the past couple of years, and I mean changed for the worst. This guy Trinidad James has no skills, whats all the fuss about this guy. This guy was on Rap Fix live last week and decline to freestyle for the cameras. Where are the lyrical skills at. All gold everything….nigga we been rockin gold everything in hip hop, ask Slick Rick, these rappers today are just one hit wonders. Just a quick fix for these record labels to get that one hit wonder money!!!!

  • nochainz

    Great addition to the legacy of RUN DMC, LL COOL J, PUBLIC ENEMY, JAY Z etc

    Props to the ” forward-thinking label dedicated to breaking and nurturing emerging artists”.

    More like sit back and wait till an artist builds a pseudo-buzz then sign them up to perpetuate the fuckery that you call the music industry nowadays.

  • Professor Oak

    Why would Def Jam sign a rapper who has been RAPPING FOR 9 MONTHS???

    They prolly economically raped this nigga with a 360 deal.If Trinidad James can get signed then sign my nigga LIL B!!

    “Lil B is the RAWEST rapper alive” – Everyone

  • jake$ the motherfuckin answer

    can’t fucking believe def jam sight this!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bumpy johnson

    @ B trinidad james never declined to freestyle , sway said its his first time on the show he wont pressure him … ANYTHING THING TO MAKE A NICCA LOOK BAD , and nobody said hip hop had one lane to rap this diversity in hiphop has been goin on for years …..

  • Mike

    Muthafuckas forgot about kreyshawn that fast. Still didn’t post the GZA and Dr.Tyson interview

  • Rap Game Shawn Kemp

    Def Jam really signed a rapper who has been RAPPING FOR 9 MONTHS??

    He has been rapping for 9 MONTHS he doesn’t have the potential to make hit songs.

    Def Jam should sign my nigga Lil B since they signing random niggas.

  • R

    This is FUCKERY and Disrespectful to Hiphop!!!!!

  • Yup !

    @B What do u mean by he don’t have kno skill…. he jus got a 2million dollar DEAL!!!!!! and what does a freestyle have to do with making a good song…. Eminem said it his self he can’t freestyle without writing it down!!!!! do that mean he don’t have kno skill ?…. okay then…..and slick rick got booed in his own city at the Brooklyn game….so please dont bring him up….and hip hop been dead since 2pac and biggie left….so you late with that B…. HA !

    DON’T Be (S)ensitive (A)s (F)uck (E)veryday – Trinidad Jame$

  • ClarkR

    I enjoy the single but thought he was just an ignorant Gucci walks flakka type of dude. I downloaded the tape and it’s actually really well done.

  • B

    @ Bumpy Johnson, i understand that but Sway said that shit because, I bet anything Mr. Trinidad James manager told MTV before the show that he cant do it, so Sway said he didnt want to pressure him bc of his first time. You know thats bullshit because a lot of rappers been on Rap Fix for the first time and they spit….so what makes him so special? ONE HIT FUCKIN WONDER!!! That shit shows you how FUCK UP the rap game is today!!!!!

  • old niggas leave funny comments

    So they should have signed mos def? Lmaooooo you old niggas thats leaving comments is comedy. Stop it already. Congrats to Trinidad

  • B


  • this nigga

    son said they signing random niggaass,,,,lolol,,hahaaaaa!!! basically!

  • LoverofHipHop

    Congrats to Trinidad, no hate coming from me about that. Homie’s music is def more then just that one song, yall should check it out and judge him on the whole body of work. Based on that I will say that he def has potential and I know he’s a genuinely good dude so I’m happy to see him prospering.

    Now I gotta agree with @Mike…B. Dot, Big Homie, YN…anybody, just to show some balance in this culture of hiphop of ours, post that Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson x GZA interview!!

    GZA has earned his stripes enough to deserve a post, one can’t say he’s in the minors and more then that, that interview may help open the minds of some of the younger audience of RR to see that its ok, maybe even cool once upon a time, to learn, to gain knowledge and maybe just maybe it could help to inspire some to read up and learn a little bit more about science.

    Don’t use the argument that it’s not exactly about hiphop as it is and you all post enough other non-related hiphop shit on here (r&b, etc etc) that it wont hurt to show a little love and post something positive from one our more articulate mc’s in the game. Our country is suffering and it’s only gonna get worse because of the lack of education of our youth, specifically math, science and technical education and at the bottom of this is our brown and black children, whenever we have the chance to show a positive example that can help to give credence to minorities in science we should, especially since it is truly an interview that uses the theme of hiphop all through it.

    Positive Education Always Causes Elevation!

  • ron

    def jam taking them L’s

  • mitch

    congrates to this man. its funny that when artist that ya’ll dont agree with get a deal, ya’ll talk about the label: “Def jam is on the decline” WTF they still have jeezy & Ross, and they still move units, well somewhat anyway. but you guys are funny on this site.

  • mundL

    too many wack rappers getting signed these days

  • Dave

    lol is this guy for real cause he sure looks like a caricature of what a ‘rapper’ should look like. Can’t wait to hear his album……NOT

  • Yup !

    @B come on my dude…. everybody thought FUTURE was a one hit wonder and look at what happen… that nigga is still here….and the slick rick thing…. he’s a legend… but that shit is getting played out… that why he got booed… storytelling is not for today’s age….and SOME of the rapper you just name as dope is TRASH… COME ON NOW!!!!!!




  • No surprise.IDK the ins and outs but, since he was on WSHH and A3c he has been blowing up rapidly.
    Loch 50 Cent ft. Eminem and Adam Levine My Life freestyle:

  • Mellow

    i guess hes in the major leagues now smh after 1 week in New York this nigga gets a deal with def jam, wow

  • Beaming

    If this guy can make it so can any other guy!!!! I am sorry but I cannot support this custome wearing Sesame Street looking mutha fucka!!! We should all quit our day jobs (niggas that actually have one) and become rappers shit anybody can make it! We should all aspire to be as wack as we can be!!!!’

  • Beaming

    @yup !

    Pusha T shit on this nigga in his sleep! Not saying pusha t is anything special at all but compared to James they are in totally leagues!! How u ganna out him on a Pedestal like that after one tape!!!

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  • Pete from Harlem

    …and this is why they didn’t want Irv Gotti as President.

    Shout Out to Trinidad James.

    You did EXACTLY what you were supposed to do.

    Don’t know that particulars of the deal, but I’m sure there’s a LOT of strings.

    Even with the imprint, sounds like a modified 360 deal.

    Hey…2 Million is STILL 2 Million.

    …I guess you can’t front on a monster record.

    …and i listened to the Mixtape a few weeks back.

    I can honestly say I did not see this one coming.

    Straight outta left field.

  • FTW

    This is what i said earlier. these old niggas at def jam have no idea what they’re doing. Now they are going to be pumping this bullshit day in and day out. So quick to sign the coontastic niggas, love that ignorant crack head image of black men.

    This is a L for rap music in general.

    Fucking Clowns.


  • King

    first 2 Chainz then now this trash….wasup with DefJam? I hope Nas leaves the label for good!!

  • king blue

    lmao why dis nigga look like Jerome from the martin show

  • DJ Semtex’s Prothsetic


  • all I know is dude better get that grill fixed…. I’m mad he went and got gold in his mouth in the first place, he prolly coulda been had it fixed smh

  • R

    HipHop has just committed Suicide signing this Fuck Boi!!! DefJam killed started and killed Hiphop…………

  • frank

    end is near mofo’s, the white man has succeeded once more..
    if dudes like trinifag james and chief keef are the cutting edge artists that the industry will support, we gotta ask ourselves why..why them exactly.. time elliot wilson socalled GOAT of journalism, gets into some real journalism and investigate why industry supports more ignorant rap artists that make sure the message will put our people in jails..

  • Your Life Is A Lie

    If you think Def Jam “just signed him” ya’ll dudes got much to learn about the music business. It takes longer than the time his record has been out just to construct and negotiate a $2 million dollar deal. So use your head and put 2 and 2 together and then you will see why the sudden industry hype jumped off for dude. His rise is not nearly as organic as its being presented but the sheeple will always fall for anything….

  • @dwightoo

    You people still don’t get it! The labels are foolin everybody! They hustle backwords now. They set artists up as being new and put them online as “unsigned artists”. The artists are just acting and playing their part in the labels’ masterplan. Their marketing network is huge so they got acces to every blog/website to make the ‘new’ artist seem like an unsigned hype, cause that is what the consumer wants to believe. Nowadays every average Joe can be a superstar because the labels know everybody on this planet is sensitive to watching people on the come-up. That’s why they don’t give a damn if you can really rap. They create the facade and control it. Give a brother some gold and a few dollars and they’ll keep their mouth shut! That’s why none off the artists on major labels are ever truly happy when they get asked about it. It’s temporary and when the lease is over you’re out!! WATCH the movie “Oh, God! You Devil” from 1984!

  • ***CROMER BEATS***

    @dwightoo Knowledge is everything brotha. Straight Bamboozled!

  • Da Truthh


  • jl

    Album will less than 20k overall

  • dub

    trinidad james and french montana would make the best album ever…NOT

    he got a deal off “pop a molly im sweating..wooooo” THATS IT

    i dont know him as a aperson (people saying hes a nice guy ^^) but come on, dude cannot rap, just because he got signed dont mean shyt,

  • B

    @ yep Pusha T,Big Sean sure did freestyle on Rap Fix!!!! Now did ur favorite rapper do the same………………………HELL NO! He was too busy choking!!

  • HK

    I fx w/ Trinidad. It’s good party music. But I don’t if Def Jam was the best move for HIM. And it does seem kinda thirsty on their part.

  • RSX

    …Y’all aren’t allowed to say shit about Trinidad James when he actually has talent, and the GBE movement got deals out the ass and they’re not only talentless, but also negative in content.

  • SKlass

    In 5 yrs we all gonna look at this and laugh..

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  • D.S.G.B. Radio “Where Independents Are Heard!!!” Listen Online at

  • Jerzzz

    At the end of 2012 this is whats hot? And i thought Waka was wack, this nigga makes Waka look like Scarface.
    For the sake of the children this shit cant continue, C’Mon 12/21/12 lol

  • Tru Talk

    He literally looks fucking retarded


    This niggas manager told him not to get embarased & freestyle with his soon to be labelmate JUELZ SANTANA – niggas know SWAY always says u can’t come to the couch & not leave bars for the people. who’s cosign an artist who doesnt want to rap on live TV for ur audience thats gonna buy ur record!?!?!? – whos cosigning that ? – MGK wouldnt get away with that shit if he was new- cuz white rappers gotta preove them selves!! – this geechy ass niggas is entertaing thus far – but DEF JAM trying to stay current doesnt mean signing TRINIDAD JAMES – I’ll pass !!

  • Deebo Bryce

    Trinidad James look like a dark skin Jay-Z…

  • PRezzi

    LISTEN, it is all about WHO YOU KNOW

  • B.A.G.

    This dude is so fraudulent… I seen the video and thought this nigga was gonna be some bad ass from Trinidad. The type that walks around smacking bitches, doing crazy drugs and cock fighting chickens. Come to find out in his interviews hes some emotional hipster who works in a boutique in cushy downtown ATL! Get the fuck out of here!

  • The original lucci

    Good for def jam recognizing a good talent!! Get your punk a$$ Ears back to the street

  • wajdicm

    Trinidad doesn’t need to be in the spotlight. He’s only relevant cuz of blogs. will be one of my last posts on him. It’s just crazy at he got signed for 2 milli

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  • congratulations trinidad james!! i like your music and your style. everyone needs to check out your whole project before judging you off one song……… luv ya boo! cant wait till u come to tampa!

  • dude frm actual contry trinidad

    Wat if dat ni66er james is really a natural an we all dont kno it yet lol but fuh real tho I can think ah 2milion ways to say fuck all yall haters, fuck! Wayne’s my frave rapper n I b thinkin I shud write a dictionary wit all dem wrds he b makin up but I not hating jus sayin/ but if u get nothing at all get this there is a market for absolutely everyting in this wrld-if u shit in a bag there is sum1in da wrld willing to buy that shit, an if u dont believe me fucker jus watch!!!