• this is 50

    ^^^^ spam on wshh gtfoh

  • BrutallyHonest

    the cameraman is horrible, must be a relative for one of the bigwigs @ the station . He’s cutting 50, Gamboa & Angie’s head during the interview…. SMH they are people you went to film school that’ll never get a chance to film for stations like them #politicsasusual

  • rhyme

    Lol, Angie cant speak spanish?

  • Black Shady

    50 doing big things with SMS Promotions


    Je5us piece

  • bayobond

    surprised angie cant speak spanish

  • hayes

    thinkin the same thing bayobond

  • bawse

    50 is a fool he paid a mill for gamboa who doesnt he bring in million $$ fights not to mention none of his fighters can fight on a golden boy card which leaves 50 to do business with the very promoter he brought gamboa contract from BoB Arum LOL who is still making $$ off of gamboa

  • G_ELjEFE

    Rap Radar you guys spelled his name wrong!!!!!!!!!! its Yuriorkis