• Remo

    the game just racking up that publicity for that album… dope album though…

    Ice T Files for Separation from Coco Wants Fake T*tties & Azz Back as Part of Divorce Settlement…

    https://www.facebook.com/CreamBmpOfficial/posts/344619118969637 <<funniest thing i saw today

  • Boom

    Game….that album and cover is blasphemous! Eff your rationale.

  • Gambino

    Game is so bipolar. How is he getting married and I wonder who his kids think he is? He wants to beef with everyone.

  • Come On, Son

    Ok, in case you haven’t been following along-

    1) uptight Christian lady gets offended by album cover (wasn’t that the point?)
    2) Game decides that somehow that means she’s racist
    3) Game and reporter engage in Tweef
    4) life goes on

    As for me, I love the album and don’t fuck with Fox, but I’m gonna keep it 100. I don’t like it when Nicki cries “racist” just because her feelings got hurt or she needed publicity, and I can’t see this situation any differently. Game’s kinda acting like a bitch right now.

  • Sudija


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    for a bi-polar rapper, Game always pissing people off. guess he’s doing good and others is not. Jesus Piece is runner up for album of 2012 right next to Nas’ Life Is Good

  • Del

    big fail for Game fans with all those dumbass twitter comments… y’all aren’t helping with the rape and racist shit

  • Genesis

    The album is dope…. Game getting publicity just like homie up top said…. Shit really ain’t that deep though….. Religion is a tool for self actualization, a very personal thing…. As long as the end result is a better person, one can depict Jesus as a hippie, gang member, black, white or yellow for all I care…. The ideology is the key here, not physical characteristics that hold no basis in the conversation…… Elevate

  • Del

    Of course the Jesus freaks are in an uproar over the cover, call it blasphemy or whatever but I’m not offended by it… I think it’s dope. And nobody knows for sure what Jesus looks like or if he even existed/exists…

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  • Cruiser

    ^Actually, all that mess you just brought up has no basis in THIS conversation.

    Bottom Line: Is it RACIST for a Christian to be offended by Game’s album cover?

  • Peekay

    he should be thanking her for the promotion

  • Del

    ^ if the Christian is offended by Jesus being Black, then yes that is racist…

  • Da Truthh

    Racism Should Be a Crime

  • Meat Bob

    Michelle Malkin is one of the worst humans on Earth. No defense for her.

  • Ken

    Damn, crazy how you get labeled a Jesus freak for defending your religion. Depicting Jesus as anything other than he was is definitely blasphemous. Not talking about his skin color cause that’ll always be debatable. But taking a major religious figure and associating him with things that he clearly preached against: (the gold chains, which clearly is glorifying money above all else,violence i.e. gangs, idolatry i.e. his own logo above the image of Jesus, which in a way is putting himself above Jesus). You can’t get upset about someone calling him out for it. And the way he starts his response with how she’s bashing Obama is wrong is completely stupid. She can’t bash Obama, who is a politician where that kind of thing is expected, but it’s ok for him to have a sacrilegious album cover depicting the savior of one of the worlds major religion as a common thug. Not saying i’m holier than him, but as a christian I have to defend my faith when it is being mocked, even if its being done by other christians. If he’s a christian as he is claiming to be, he would have recognized where he went wrong, apologized and kept it moving

  • headedhard

    Game sounds like an uneducated idiot. Like the homie next door that didn’t graduate high school but fuck it i guess he didn’t have to? Either way album got some bangers..

  • Nathanial Hörnblowér

    Watch what you watchin’, Fox keeps feedin’ us toxins
    Stop sleepin’, start thinkin’ outside of the box
    And unplug from The Matrix doctrine
    But watch what you say, Big Brother is watchin’
    I’m dealin’ with the higher form
    Fuck, if you care how I write a poem?
    Only Fox that I love was the red one
    Only black man that Fox loves is in jail or a dead one

  • Chronic

    I can’t believe the Jesus nuts up in here. Just a tip, there’s no such thing as a god, at least not one that we (humanity) have ever had interaction with.

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  • @Ken

    100% cosign from a fellow brother in Christ

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  • g

    tell that woman 2 chill

  • Black Shady

    LMAO they gonna feel the wrath of Game. this nigga wont stop if he starts hahaha

  • Professor Oak

    That album cover is VERY OFFENSIVE….His album cover is a GANG BANGING JESUS CHRIST!!

    That is not okay what so ever….Anybody that puts jesus on the cover of anything is trying to start some shit.Game thinks jesus can save him from his mediocre album LOL

  • the brain trust

    Fellow lovers of hip hop, pay this delusional woman no mind. Michelle Malkin is unequivocally one of the dumbest people on Fox news. Isn’t that saying something?

    @Ken you sir sound incredibly unintelligent. Why should a ‘Christian’ get upset at how Game depicted Jesus? Does she get upset when churches all over the world depict Jesus as a long haired Northern European? In the judeo-christian commandments, the construction of ANY graven image is forbidden so they’re just as blasphemous.
    Game promotes idolatry? LOOOL. Have you ever been to a Christian church talking about ‘prosperity theology’? Telling their congregation that Mr. jesus wants them to be rich & revolving their entire sermon around that ‘fact’.

    Violence- Republicans who regularly evoke Christianity LOVE war & violence! And have you ever read your bible? It’s hands down, the most violent & bloodthirsty work of fiction ever put together. P.s. the Jesus character in your bible loved violence (Matthew 10:34), viciously whipped moneychangers & spoke gleefully about burning those who did not worship him (John 15:6)

    Your adherence to bronze age fairy tales has obliterated your ability to think critically.

  • PHREASHest

    @the brainless trust: please refrain from quoting scripture like you know anything about it just to support your illogical arguments. I’m glad you brought up the issue of religion and violence because if Game had put such a blasphemous picture of Mohammed on his album cover, there would be riots and embassy bombings in different countries across the world where innocent people will lose their lives for his callousness.

    I am a Christian myself but I can understand that you do not believe in God or follow religion. What I fail to comprehend is the intolerance that your comment suggests. And then people talk about freedom of speech and rights? Your rights and speech should be as free as they do not infringe on the rights and speech of another. That’s the reasoning behind freedom in any civilized society.

    And being a black man, I cringe every time I see the race card pulled so unnecessarily. The skin color of Jesus in that album cover is a non-factor in what is wrong with it (see Ken’s comment). If he claims to be Christian, he should know that Jesus would NEVER associate himself with gangs who are notorious for senseless murder and violence.

  • Ken

    @the brain trust seeing as how the first thing you did was insult my intelligence in order to validate the points you went on to make, showed me that what you said was going to be based on ignorance, but i digress. Anyone can quote anything to suit their argument, and seeing as how thats what you think of Jesus, then you obviously know nothing about the bible. Also while there may be churches that preach “prosperity theology” the bible does not.

    @PHREASHest thanks for saying all that needed to be said

  • the brain trust

    1. @PHREASHest why are you creating straw man arguments? I am a strong advocate of religious freedom & speech rights and you suggesting otherwise is laughable. But just as we all have the right to express our opinions (religious or otherwise), other people also have the right to criticise them.

    2. Not sure how your comments about the barbarities of Islam relate to the issue at hand.

    3. As a former Christian I am well versed in biblical scripture and i’m sorry your own bible doesn’t endorse the view that Jesus was a gentle, peace-loving hippie.

    4. We agree on Game’s useless accusations of racism.

    5. As I stated earlier, I would argue that Jesus is also in favour of the senseless murder and unmitigated violence you accuse Game of promoting (Have you ever read your bible before?)

    6. SHOW ME how my arguments are illogical. Don’t just make baseless claims.

  • the brain trust

    @ Ken sorry for insulting you. That was uncalled for I admit. However, my insults do not invalidate any of the points I made.

    ‘Anyone can quote anything to suit their argument’. Nonsense. If that’s the case, then all quotes and interpretations of the bible are inherently worthless.

    Actually, according to prosperity theologists, passages in Malachi, Matthew & Phillipians support their accumulation of wealth. (Just sayin’)

  • G.K.M.C

    Im a huge game fan but the lady is right jesus christ is our lord and savior the one tru God….game will have to answer one day

  • L

    The Game does the same thing each time he releases an album. He tries to stir up as much controversy as he can so his name will be in the media, and the thing that causes the most controversy is CRYING “racism”.

  • BlAzEEnsane

    Game: “yoU know I grew up off Fox 11 news you know the Simpsons ” true LA Nigga thas all niggas use to watch on FOX and That Good Day L.A.

  • Un..Sam

    Firree lp

  • Cole

    ^^^ DEAD @ Peekay’s comment

  • i fucks with game, Jesus piece is a CLASSIC album

  • Fox “News” haHa

  • Floyd

    i say ure one of the most lyrically potent guys in the game but to put Jesus in a red bandana is poor minded and i cant see myself with the little intelligence i have buying this album with Him on the cover like that. Bout on the same level as Jamie callin Obama our Lord and Savior.

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  • Homie

    Dj Skee looks like the sick kid character off Family Guy and American Dad

  • AwesomeAndr01d

    Here’s what I have to say:

    – FABULOUS album by Game
    – In time, ‘Jesus Piece’ will be considered “required listening” for hip hop heads
    – AWESOME album cover

    And for the people getting all butthurt over the cover, go find something more productive to do. Religious fanatics are some of the most annoying, whiniest, intolerant little snots on the face of the Earth… I, myself, believe wholeheartedly in God but personally stay away from religion. Religion, imo, is for the closed-minded who can’t read Scripture, study the texts, history, and think for themselves.

  • Eminem

    Big fan but dude smh