New Music: Angel Haze “Shit I Don’t Like”

i dont like angel-cover

Here is something that you will definitely like. Angel Haze’s still jackin’ beats and holds the Young Chop instrumental for keeps. Her debut album is coming soon.

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  • bobby

    why post this crap? nobody cares

  • chaze

    stahp it.. no more please, not a good look

  • PRezzi

    sound like DIggy Simmons ahahahaha

  • HollyWood

    Shit is fire…but at least a month old bruh.

  • this is 50

    no one needs this educational rap we want bitches hoes and booty shaking you will not get raido play or buzz dumb it down and if nikki lets you u will have a future step you dick up hoe

  • Professor Oak

    Niggas said she sounds like Diggy Simmons LMAOO

    Rapradar you lied to me,I did not like this at all.

  • suppp

    Girl kills it harder than 99% of rappers

    Every comment above me hatin…

    Hip-hop culture is misogynistic, what do you expect, what a joke.

    Hip-hop, the only genre where 2Chainz, Future, Waka, and Keef could have careers.

  • Chronic

    If nicki is the female wayne, angel is the female kendrick

  • A.

    Ha! I was thinking the same. She sounds JUST like Diggy Simmons.