• Rockwithit

    T.I wasnt lying, this albums going to be one of his best.

  • wickedess

    yea albums bout to be dope… waiting for this too..http://bit.ly/U66BSN

  • Damn fam… This song goes hard.

  • JustMyOpinion


  • Lil Majer The Cartune

    I downloaded the album yesterday, and this album is the best SOUTHERN album I’ve heard in the last 7 years! T.I. has set standards with this body of work. I will be copping this on Tuesday. Fxck anyone who EVER said The King of the South fell off!

  • DawgMG

    Goodkidd and jesus piece got my money

  • M.T

    one of my favs from the album. The whole album is dope.

  • Slim Baller

    Album was ight. Definitely not his best . paper Trail was better and No Mercy had better beats. #Truth

  • Donn

    One of my favorite tracks on the album,

  • DoinTooMuch

    @Slim U crazy. This was 1000x better than No Mercy. I put it right after King and Paper Trail as his best ones tho.

  • Chronic

    TI went off, and rockys verse was dope too, lookin forward to pickin up both these dudes albums.

  • CaliSteppin

    God dam the beat tho! T.I. murked this song. Everyone that said Tip was done looks stupid right now because his whole album was fire!

  • People are saying this is his best album in awhile?!! Oh noooo :0 !!! Thats meanns flop!!

  • max

    well i listen the whole album again like 3 time the only thing i could say that T.I. is really the king of the south even if he did snitch or not or whatever people criticize about him but name any artist from the south who put there city on there back ?? i dont see gucci doing it he just raps about drugs it koo but not even once he has said thank you to he fans or make a song support atl or young jeezy none of them… any ways the album is fire .. favorite song is wonderful life , adress, wildside,and g season … halleluiah was a song 2

  • el rey

    This album is way better than i expected, actuallly

  • money maker

    wow like this

  • Facts

    The answer to y’all questions (who’s putting the city on his back, who got a better album, …) is Big K.R.I.T.

    I enjoy this T.I. album very much but quality wise it’s nowhere near K.R.I.T.’s album which doesn’t have pop elements unlike Trouble Man

  • ECU

    Hope this album does the numbers it deserves

  • wajdicm

    download his album off the rap release calendar for december: http://thestateofrap.com/calendar/


  • listen

    Wack song wack album

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