• ODC


    Don’t sleep. Son does his thing, and he moves records while your favorite rappers/veteran are flopping.

  • dope song dope album debuted with like 72,000 copies in the first week

  • AnObserver

    Yea he’s > 150K since release in September. Yea homie killin it. Good music.

  • Props to Lecrae and Krit, they did their thang with this.

  • HK

    dope song

  • About time Y.N. showed ‘Crae some love. Long overdue. He’s been killing it for the last 10 yrs. plus – all indie #Respect #ReachRecords

  • BlackDivine

    i almost skipped this,but pressed play and was surprised. dope song, gonna check more of his music

  • Dashing

    Now THIS is one of the best albums of the year, surprisingly. I hope this shit makes the RR year end list and not 2 Chainz or Game….Truthfully Gravity’s better than Dreams and Nightmares too.

  • yeahhh imo this is one of the best rap albums of the year

  • Soonami

    dope song

  • Yooooooo


    This album is the most real album I own.

    Lecrae just basically deads religion.
    He deads proud Christians.

    We all sinners…and we all need Jesus. That’s it.

    Salute Crae!

  • Alex

    GRAVITY is definitely one of the best if not the BEST album of the year..

    Every track says something, no fillers, no garbage.

    This is REAL LIFE rap…

  • tbtmbattles

    I’M sad he did a song with Krit