• Yusie

    hip hop KILLER.. smh

    Ice T Files for Separation from Coco Wants Fake T*tties & Azz Back as Part of Divorce Settlement

  • Your Father

    What the fuck’s this up and down George Jefferson strut performance.
    Thought he had good performances.
    YN lied!

  • Soonami

    Terrible performance.

  • why niggaz cosigning him and not joey badass

  • this is ridiculous, im hoping the kreayshawn effect takes place after a while..

  • Tbones

    I guess there is hip hop that caters to retards too. SMH

  • poppamollyimsweatin


  • DIGGSY!!!

    gotta love cheshire bridge

  • marypatricia375

    upto I looked at the bank draft that said $9835, I accept that…my… cousin had been realy erning money parttime from there pretty old laptop.. there sisters neighbour haz done this for less than seventeen months and just now paid for the morgage on there appartment and bought themselves a Renault 4. I went here, DOMAIN.COM

  • Mike Jones??

    Damn shame what they did to that dog..

  • Tru Talk

    Perhaps the worst rapper of all time

  • Hip Hop Ain’t Dead It Lives In Georgia!!!

  • trinidad James sweeping the nation by storm. I fuck with him


  • Bitchmadeniggakilla

    Sumthin bout this dude is entertaining.Id rather hear his shit than that garbage like French,gucci,future,keef..just nonsense niggas talkin bout trappin and shootin and just lies all the time.James don’t see like he on that,he just like his gold lol!