New Video: Big Sean “Guap”

Big Sean has more than enough reason to celebrate. So for his new video, he parades through Detroit then takes it to the night spot. Directed by

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  • Chu Chu

    Lookin slow for rap radar today, i know ya got sumthing to post bout mmg

  • Birdham

    Too late RR

  • IamRealTalk *MKW* – Five-?-General of MKW – “n when you pull up tha footage..of me walkin out in chicago on the stage with the chin chilla draggrin on tha flo..YOU LET ME KNOW !!… if thats the swagger of somebody thats in fear of they life and you hol

    shits wack

    klhfkljk N I THINK THAT IM KOBE skfsjklfskf N I THINK THAT IM KOBE lksfjklsfks YA NIGGAS KNOW ME skfslkfkasl N I THINK THAT IM KOBE – Keef



  • King Mathers

    like big sean but wtf is this? the song/video makes no sense

  • Donn

    Yea I love the song but not the video

  • the brain trust

    Other way around for me. Love the use of bright colours in the vid & the way Detroit is portrayed.
    Still think the song is just ok.

  • shadezofblue

    song is cool by itself, the video kinda makes it wack … still kinda random, don’t really see it working on the radio.

  • fuck outta here booboo

    @JordanPippenHarper………..STFU!!! I think I speak for everyone when I say that too!! You gotta be the most corny muthafucka EVER…you been posting the same shit for atleast a year “aye so n so I DISCOVERED myself….come check me out and tell me that I sent you……its crazy how I found myself’s music and I think my music is soooooo great….Ima keep acting like a 3rd person to maybe TRICK them into SIGNING me” ahahahahahaha awwwwwwww man the dream/delusions of a nigga in the STRUGGLE!!!!!

  • zezzoi

    the videos ill..made the song better

  • Slim Baller

    Songs is wack as fuc

  • blaze

    Sean is a Star. after watching his detroit palace and cali xmas performance it shows he is conscience of his material he releases and how he performs it like i think he was the only person at cali christmas to take a moment out for the victims of that day from conn. i wouldnt mind managing an artist on his level he’s versatile he has a clean image consicence of what he is giving to the ppl like Sean is one of the few rappers who is being played in the hood , suburbs, and colleges like hood niggas not listening to Kanye and it was crazy I seen this 6 yr old mexican boy in san diego last weekend screaming out “Oh God oh God Oh God!” and couldnt think of where he got it from till later that night when this song came on in the club Kanye better hope the game doesnt fuck Sean up like it did Cudi or Sean doesnt just decide to Boss up and leave cuz the attitude and ethic of this kid he going to be here for a while

  • M.T

    this song is wack. the video is wack.

  • brza

    Big Yawn.

  • shadezofblue

    this shit don’t need to be a single though

  • Santa

    Man this video reminded me of when videos were fun. remember gettin home from school and turning on 106 and park woooo

  • Light WorkEP

    If this is hot…. then is this any good

  • ZoomZoom

    Lil B is way sicker lil B is the shit real hiphop fuck 2pac and BiG lil B is The king of Hiphop fuck yall haterz

  • Devante

    Lil B!

  • Shyne


  • Black Shady


  • ZoomZoom

    Where my BAWSE At ? ->MKW<- we got to fight these haters 1 by 1 MKWarmy

  • Brian Pumper got off the steroids and now wants to rap about money??

  • P0is0nedkoonla

    Zoom im with U!

  • HJater

    Yo i be sipting fo fun my tounge getin numb frm tha coke bad bitchs i stroke guns i toke i aint no joke im a loc so take a toke see ya bitch i will poke then be gone in smoke oh im ill niggas aint fuckin with me fuck haters

  • Devante


  • HB

    the video is nicely put together , dont know why sean invested that much for this song though, sorta mediocre ya know. he needs to push his album back a little more, drop a real hit single let it blow up, then people will be checkin for his album and he’ll move units.

  • fun record and video.
    Reminds me of some old 2000’s music/videos. Fresh.

  • Hip-Hop Fiend

    shit was ight… should of went to Brazil to shoot this shit


    I agree with @Blaze and @Santa and @Regular Guy

    The song is dope. Dope song. Dope video. Great colors for Detroit. Sean is the future and I love the humor he brought back to videos. Classic HipHop when HipHop was fun, do ya’ll remember this?
    He may need a bigger hit and i know he’s got it, just ro push more units for his debut.
    But he is on the right path and i am anticipating his upcoming release regardless.

    2 Black Thumbs UP !!!


  • 200mph

    ^^^ you mean his sophomore. his debut already came out

  • chicago

  • Chronic

    People (myself included) hate (or still hate) a$$…I thought it was the dumbest song ever, but that shits still getting radio play. He makes catchy shit, has a unique flow and says some clever shit. Respect
    It for what it is and go somewhere else for lyricism.