• Cam

    Reasons why Kid Ink hasn’t blown up yet.

    1. He looks exactly like Chris Brown.
    2.He raps like Tyga & Big Sean put together.
    3. Not much originality. No stand out quality.

    Ive met this dude. He’s cool and down to earth but as an artist.. he’s mediocre bruh.. I hate to say it.

  • DJ Semtex’s Prothsetic

    True, I think that that’s Kid Inks problem. He falls into the Tyga category of rap, not much that separates him from a slew of other YM rappers, while a lot of his records may be quality records, they just don’t bring anything necessarily new to the table. Most of his raps are just average. He’s still a cool dude though, I just cant put a time and date on when if ever he’s gonna blow up. Right now he’s kinda in the mixtape zone, just dropping projects to support the fanbase hes got already and maybe get some new ones.

  • Da Truthh

    Yall crazy he da best to come out in years

  • Da Truthh

    He will shit on kendrick he got bars stop sleepin zombies

  • IamRealTalk *MKW* – 5?General of MKW – “N when you pull up tha footage..of me walkin out in chicago on the stage with the chin chilla draggin on tha flo..YOU LET ME KNOW !!… if thats the swagger of somebody thats in fear of they life” – Rozay




    HOW ?



  • caliking

    lmao kendrick would eat him alive you fucking idiot kid ink makes cool music, thats it cam and dj couldnt have said it better.