• IamRealTalk *MKW* – 5?General of MKW – “N when you pull up tha footage..of me walkin out in Chicago on the stage with the Chin Chilla draggin on tha flo..YOU LET ME KNOW !!… if thats the swagger of somebody thats in fear of they life” – Rozay



  • wouzi

    ma nigga z-ro king of the ghetto/mo city don/the crooked went in

  • AlleyBoyIsDead

    Naw, Rick Ross will be Irrelevant once those GD’s get a hold of him.

  • zro is always good to hear, reminds me of a southern version of nate dogg, only thing is the wierd ass timing of the release…

  • gunna jack

    its still hot in houston

  • Redhot

    whatever happend to texas hiphop

  • bawse


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