Common On Last Call With Carson Daly

Common sat with Carson Daly to discuss his upcoming film, Luv. He also touched on his childhood in Chicago and giving back with his charity work. Luv is in theaters January 18.

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  • Stan

    Such an intelligent, smart man. Real role model.

  • Such an amazing man. Truly being watched by God.

  • realestatesally

    Congratulations @Common. I remember when you tore the mouth out of Hip-Hop with ” I Used To Love Her.” From that era to performing as the true poet you are at the White House I can’t be more proud of you. I can’t put into mere words, what you mean to Hip-Hop as a culture and the industry as an artist. The fact that you give back, makes you more of a humbled spirit to me. Be it your talents as; Hip*Hop Legend, a director, actor, producer, music collaborations, Common Ground Charity&Foundation, and authoring, I’m proud to know, you have such a large number of project talents and expertise while still growing.

    Many years ago, to be an artist was to find what brought you happiness & solace while producing a great product in contribution of spreading a message to educate communities that were discussed. To do this, you had to have enough guts to stick with it and see it through. You did, and it shows your dedication to your talent, goals and aspirations. However, now to be an artist, means you must make sure you have the talent stretch capabilities to venture into other areas of art and creativity smoothly. You have proven it can be done, by doing it so effortlessly . This is looking from the outside. I’m sure it’s your hard work, focus and dedication that has kept you among the greats .

    I am very proud of you. Thank you for being such a great influence and inspiration to me personally. “Some Day, It’ll All Make Sense” hitting the New York Times Best Seller list is not easy feat either. Congratulations, on all of your work. Looking forward to LUV in theaters this January. GOD Bless Ra.