• ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Its the ROC !!!

  • Sealey

    The ROC is in the Building!!!!!!!

  • Ridalen

    Flabby and sick

  • chicago

  • Bo

    Free sounds angry. Missed that on Diamond in the Ruff….

  • B.London


  • Crack…

  • SFX36

    that took me back.

  • Hard work pays off.

  • B

    Now that’s that shit that’s pure fuckin Hip Hop!!!!!!! We need more of this shit!!!!

  • Black Shady

    Free snapped!

  • Mike

    Damn, Pain in da ass? Thought he was dead. ROC is in the building

  • i like this shit.

  • Man, this is FIRE!!!!!! And wow, Pain In The Ass is back talking shit. Niiiccceee!

    Philly shit!

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  • ?????

    this gives me so much power man… EARLY!

  • T Broski

    DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN BRUH THIS SHIT IS CRAZY!!!!!!! JAY time to bring this shit buck u fuck nigga

  • Sai


  • JP Motors

    WESTCOAST niggas fuck wit this.

  • frank

    damn it’s been a long time that a track gave me shivers, this tune ROCSSSS !!!!
    one radio track and u guys are back on top, believe that !!! Dame dash holla acha boys !!!

  • abrooklyn

    ahhhhhhhh pain in da ass!! thats my nigga!! he still looks the same!!! The takeover is about to begin and leave all you trinidad james niggas on your asses!!! find another career!


    #PhillySupportPHILLY lets gooooo!! #work #teamPHILLY with the #BigBEARDS in the biiuldiing