Big Boi On NBA TV

We love haters too. Big Boi held court with NBA TV yesterday. He discussed his VLADR album, his home teams, Atlanta Hawks’ Josh Smith and who’s got the NBA East on lock.

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  • wtf

    big boi only sold 6800 his 1st week

  • MJ


    OK. But did YOU like the album? Did you even listen to it? Our culture is so hung up on 1st week sales that we’ll check the Soundscan before we even listen to the music.

  • GA

    That number’s not true anyway he did like 28,000. Not great, but still.

  • SpkdaTruth

    Album was good, last one was straight also, #s lie

  • Get it how u live

    Truu most people have been hatin on big boi an i dont know why hes a legend give the man his respect! I coppe the album the day it came out an enjoyed it alott solid product an a nice musical journey for people who actually have an attention span