Cam’Ron At 10 Deep’s Holiday Party

Monday evening, Killa provided some Dip Set classics during 10 Deep’s holiday event at NYC’s Westway. For those who did not attend, Electric Circus provides the highlights.

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  • jake$ the motherfuckin answer

    dam killa you my dude but you should off been were lil wayne at.killa raise niggaz like weezy,ti,and them dudes is making millions now.dam killa that just shows you no a good business man.i guess that single oh boy fucked your head up.jay z been had over 20 oh boy records around that time,killa only had only one oh boy when you denied a nigga like jay z that shows you not a good business man.

  • efdee

    ^^^^ money ain’t everything f**kboy u have no clue what those mentioned rappers have done to get that spot the music industry is a shady business. Killa never been the one to kiss ass or change his style that’s why i respect him. He is an original sometimes self-respect is more important but that just depends on what kinda person u are. In any case he a millionaire and living a good life so why would u care if someone got more money than him?

  • The original lucci

    ^^^^ cam aint no fucking millionaire u must of popped a purk when u wrote that statement!!!