• Black Shady

    this the guy T.I been slayin in the last couple days? LOL why even bother TIP

  • SomeWhereUnknown


  • somewhere in the middle of west bumblefuck this guy is relevant enough for t.i to start dissing…

  • 40Glocc works at Target NOW?!

    Who? Alley boy? More ppl kno who 40cock is then this dude never heard of him really never in my life

  • 40Glocc works at Target NOW?!

    Kief is trash, him and his crew look like bums on skid row that suck u kno wat for crack, bars are rusty trash! this guy fuked gucci every thing red cafe and game killed it but the bummy nigga came and said they same shit ovr and over lol kief u suck dude

  • Blockah

    I only came here cuz I thought he made a t.I diss since t.I been slaying him all week..dis guy is shit jus wanted to see if he wanted war wit da king and he don’t

  • 40Glocc works at Target NOW?!

    Oh and his boy socks out girls !?

  • Tip

    Wow dude is ………

  • Tip

    Skid row hahaha alley boy 2..wat he be duin them alleys to get that name hahaha nigga a hoe

  • BlackAnastasia

    Where you at AlleyCat?Ya’ll niggas been vying for TI’s attention swinging from his nuts for a long time.So now that he’s giving it to you niggas ya’ll are quiet now.FOH!

  • SomeWhereUnknown

    guess people on here haven’t heard about DTE in the streets SMH

  • LO

    wack music @SomeWhereUnknown fuck the streets

  • rahrahrah

    Listen to definition of fuck shit. Then listen to nigganatti. I’m being serious. I found something infectious about his music. I don’t know why he’s warring with t.i. and jeezy, especially after jeezy was on four, or why he’s the mayor of atl banning people from coming through, but the music is interesting.

  • Jes5us Piece

    I kno who kief lil ugly ass is but who’S alley boy

  • Jes5us Piece

    To bum niggas thats that shit i dnt like

  • Tip

    Yea its interestly dog shit

  • 40Glocc works at Target NOW?!

    WAT IT ZOO LOCO!!? come out that Alley like i came out that bush and come work with a real nigga at Target (40glocc voice)

  • 40Glocc works at Target NOW?


  • 40Glocc works at Target NOW?

    Ti killed yo career i kno how that feels CUZ

  • Del

    bullshit and beef aside, maybe I’m high but this shit sounded dope to me… that beat is crazy

  • $ir$tank

    Yall got Alley Boy fucked up,if you think about it he made T.I. come back with the gangsta shit cause before this album the shit he been putting out lately has been trash

  • KingJuggaNott

    I think he’s aiight, but I also think he did a bad thing by going at T.I. and Jeezy. Despite how HE may feel about him…and he could be right by all his claims, but NOBODY except a HATER will look at it any other way but him HATING. Who likes haters? He went about it wrong. He should have just took over without all the chitter chatter jibber jabber about who real and who fake. It ain’t your job to tell niggas who’s real or who’s fake? Don’t he know that half the niggas you barking too are fake their damn self and will NEVER see eye to eye with you? Just make music and leave the he ain’t real shit alone.

  • onenutned

    DTE don’t run shit…them niggas thick in edgewood and thats it. ain’t nobody fearin these bums.

  • Scrilla[Young Jeezy #1 hottest MC in 2012]

    T.I ended Alley the fuck boy career with one song. KANG BITCH

  • HIP-HOP AIN’T DEAD IT LIVES IN GEORGIA!!! I fucks wit’ dis shit! Didn’t really care too much for Kief verse though.

  • Robama

    ^ “HIP-HOP AIN

  • Frenchmontana’s killa

    Yall are on T.I.s nuts so hard on here.You forget how many soft ass pop songs he been putting out for years now lol?! Alley the real deal and in them streets mane.The nigga hungry and he show it.He only gonna get bigger with Percy returning.

  • Jay Jones

    With Chief Keef having some kinda heat why naming yourself Kief?????
    Just like that Young or Lil’ trend in the past….duh!