The Throne Hits Triple Platinum & Gold

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More plaques on plaques for Jay and Ye as “Niggas In Paris” has just hit triple platinum. Also this week, their album’s opening track, “No Church In The Wild” passed the 500k mark. Congrats

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  • Zagga


  • Real-Talk

    Why do y’all niggas not tell us when Drake or Wayne’s albums go triple platinum?

  • Sample

    @ real talk because they don’t !

  • candy

    yall niggas dumb… this is for singles not albums

    ymcmb got plenty of multi plat singles

  • candy

    and albums

  • IamRealTalk *MKW* – 5?General of MKW – “N when you pull up tha footage..of me walkin out in Chicago on the stage with the Chin Chilla draggin on tha flo..YOU LET ME KNOW !!… if thats the swagger of somebody thats in fear of they life” – Rozay



    then I SHOWED UP ON THE SEEEEEEEN ( then what nigga )

    LOOKIN LIKE I HIT ABOUT TEN BRICKS ( Dayuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum )


  • ManMade

    @Real Talk i cosign. WTF is wrong with this site smfh

  • Cruel Thing


  • Slim Baller

    No one gives a fuck about these old fuckin records smh

  • Forever33

    Weezy on the other hand….

    Tha Carter 4 – Double Plats
    She Will- Triple Plats
    6 foot 9- Double Plats
    How To Love – Double Plats
    Mirror Platinum
    John Gold

    Just helping the site with balancing news….

  • Forever33

    Blunt Blowing – Gold

  • @real talk no one cares bout lil wayne hes wack now his flow is garbage now carter 4 was a horrible the only reason why carter 4 sold more album than watch the throne cuz hes lil wayne he got dat mtv and bet love watch the throne was a much better album cuz of the lyrical content lil wayne aint original no more all he talk bout is pussy getting his dick suck and truck fit (btw he is a horrible dresser and truck fit sucks ass) and also dedication 4 was wack also drake on the other hand is a much more better artist than wayne take care was hot but that doesnt change the fact that wayne is a horrible artist now than he was back in 2007 i miss that wayne but fo real @real talk get off his dick nigga

  • Yeezus Christ

    ^ shut up phaggot u r late

  • buzz

    @Forever33, still, Tha Carter 3>>> Carter 4, Watch the throne>>> Carter 4, Take Care>> Carter 4

  • Slim Baller

    @buzz : too bad Take Care is better than Watch The Throne c’mon mayne

  • Gametime

    What jacket is the one ‘Ye is wearing?

  • Ridalen

    It’s Versace

  • me personally, I care about album sales and not singles sales, because it further forces the urban community to make excuses for the economy and their lowered sales amounts. HipHop needs to treat their music like Rock and Country does and that’s by vastly dropping the mixtapes. Here and there, or make that shit an EP of 5 tracks. Dont constantly jump from remix to remix. IF Rap can do those things, and increase the skill barrier, Rap can make a comeback.

  • Realshyt

    Yea but drake has only been out for a couple years he hasn’t done much. Wayne changed the mixtape game commercial, took a dynasty that fell off put it on its legs again and now cash money is running even more harder then the 2000’s. after Wayne came out everyone pretty much borrowed his style ex:(full body tats, drinking lean, incoherent SparaTic wordplay) I seen a lot of accomplishment s from Wayne. To be honest he might be the most instresting rapper hiphop has ever seen(entertainment wise)

  • King Mathers

    @Gametime would u really buy that gay piece of shit jacket???

  • RobinScru

    anyone wanna collab with me on this track ? let me know

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  • bry from boston

    Jay had been my fav rapper alive up until watch the throne.. The album is a joke & everything hes put out since is awful..

  • Gametime

    @King Mathers Yeah i would, it’s a fucking hot jacket. Bet you’re walking around in a champion hoodie and some baggy jeans with 3 year old dirty nike airs

  • D’on

    Game is the new jay and kendrick is the new Ye

  • cobbler

    ^ hell naw, Game the new jay? please. hes a reality-show star now. 80k first week

  • Devante

    @Gametime was that comment needed at all?

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    R.O.C. !

  • D’on

    @Cobble Nicki did 35k! wats yur point dip shit he already sold 11mill sales are low for ppl now everone gets shit for free

  • Black Shady


  • Luck

    What does it matter who sold how ever many albums/singles? Regardless whom the artist is, if you like a song, you like the song. At the end of the day, none of them niggas care about any of you niggas

  • Tip

    Both jackets are dope why are we tlkin about jakets,lamar,nicki and Chuck Tho? this is a jay and Yezzy post yall funny

  • Tip

    Btw TIP and Game albums are fucking epic i kno im off topic but funk yall u tlkin about the sam stuff two

  • You know what they say: Third time

  • Ri Ri’s butt

    Yup they fire J5P is a lil better then TM31 to me

  • damone

    Why everybody talking Wayne. you can’t compare Jordan to,Chris Bosh. Ym is baby rap. Just saying it’s a very simple form if rap. I guess if I was slow I’ll like them punchy cat in the hat raps.

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  • WHAT

    Damone: check that Forbes list for YM and repeat that statement hip-hop Drake Baby Wayne and Nicki on there

  • Gametime

    @Devante Yeah it was, since his comment was totally retarded.. I had to do that mr

  • Blaxdon

    These stupid nigga arguing over props….Either give it or don’t. That being said @KIngd Dame dropped that science. Hip Hop is needing some new ambassadors I feel that. But don’t get mad at Jay or Ye because them niggaz keep winning. Recognize how hard that shit is and give props. Look Lil wayne looking real fucked up to me right now. Not feelin’ his latest shit. That ain’t no band wagon shit that’s how I feel. Can’t co-sign Yeezy in that damn kilt but I ain’t go to fashion school. That Throne knock though I know that more than Cruel summer. Drake in my opinion the only nigga from that side holding it down right now or has been steadily. Nicki is more lost than Alice, Lil Wayne swear somebody is gonna wanna pay money for them ugly ass rags knowing they need to be set on fire. Trinidad James and his teef have done hijacked the game. Big Sean is apparently one of the best choices Kanye could’ve made. That Young Boy Rep for the Clique. And T.I will damned if some sucker niggaz gonna put him out the game. It ain’t 2 chains but I can’t help but respect that. You hatin’ ass niggaz should do the same…Unless it’s that lying ass C.O ass nigga

  • Yo @yeezus christ eat a dick nigga

  • .

    3x plat for a single *shrugs* start doing that for albums man. Only person doing over those type of numbers is Adele. 5 milli last year and 5 milli this year offa one album rap isnt respected cause there is nothing to respect it’s basically a continuous commerical ofthe same sound and themes over and over again nowadays (exception Kendrick)

  • Two of the most recognizable songs of the year. There’s something about that “No Church In The Wild” beat…

  • thank you all im saying is i dont hate lil wayne but only his rap style i miss the high drunk pill poppin wayne he was original n he wasnt talking bout the same shit on every song. Songs like tie my hands comfortable and etc showed off his talent but now i just dont care bout his music anymore there only acouple of songs that i like from him she will i dont like freestyle acouple of others but i just feel that he doesnt have the impact now like he did than for all lil wayne fans cheer him its cool but jus kno that he is retireing there has to room for guys like kendrick lamar, j. cole, wale, meek mill, B.o.b, and wiz khalifa and others i respect weezy but as a hip hop fan i cant listen to him and think omg i wanna be like him or rap like him cuz now n 2012 going into 2013 changes r being made i jus cant b a fan of him anymore knowing that he sayes he is the best rapper alive n he talks bout the same shit on each song cater 4 may have sold more than watch the throne but people still play niggas in paris than songs off of carter 4

  • Truthtalker

    We all know ymcmb can’t but a album like this , and giving chuz a good unforgatuble concert people that really are in to music en love music know that kanye and jay are legends and always wi’ll be a idol even for ymcmb and always above ymbcmb there’s a reason why they call there self young money cause there a’ll young unexperience people that makes trash music

  • Drew Who

    Wayne only goes platinum because teenage girls dont know how to use torrent sites.


    ^ SO…I guess thats the same reason why rappers like Nas & Sean price DONT go platinum

    you just told on yourself

  • stan

    If you like french bitches:

  • young