• billions

    “The Inc shall rise again”


  • King

    if it ever does….will be for the good

  • Ramel

    Good Move…He’s one of the last few left that understand what needs to be done. They need to clean house with all the clowns over at DefJam

  • mac DIESEL



  • Dashing

    Say what you will about Irv, but the man has a SERIOUS track record. Ask Jay, Ja, Ashanti, J. Lo etc…

  • acidrap

    As if the industry didn’t have enough weak aass hoes floodin it,they gotta try to bring back this corny,irrelevant nigga.all he did was help water down hip hop n rap with his bullshit artists and team.Thank god 50 and the whiteboy ended those fools careers.I hope they smash em again.

  • this is 50

    ^^^^ rappers are actors let them perform

  • @Artise1

    Congratulations… You still look like Larry Holmes though!!

  • Da Business

    So managing acts is the new power move huh…

    I get tho, u can make more $ as a Managing agency vs. running a record company.

    Jay is doin’ it w/ Roc Nation as well Diddy, who is caking off of the MMG movement.

    Them boyz r playin’ chest w/ a dyin’ industry, I ain’t mad…

  • Cam

    Nah.. Its forever quiet for Irv Gotti. Adleast Ja Rule comes home in February. However, his release will be over shadowed by the release of Lil Boosie..Who happens to come home that same month. Which mean Ja will once again fail. So.. I mean.. best of luck too them tho.. Im just a spectator. Get your money niggas.

  • Everything you hate about hip-hop was orchestrated by Puff and this fat clown, Irv Gotti.

    Spare me the “he was Mic Gerinomo’s dj” or history with X and Jay. I know all about it and what’s love got to do with it?

    When Irv DID get a label he put out a Pac wannabe who couldn’t rap, a singer from Long Island with odd sideburns and terrible dance moves who couldn’t sing, he tried to convince us that J. Lo was “hip hop” and turned hip hop from an expression of art to a new commodity for advertisers to put our heroes in deodorant and soda commercials.

    Let the decline of hip hop continue and let’s watch the blogs celebrate it!

    Props to Elliott Wilson for questioning if Irv “returning” is a good thing for hip hop
    it’s not!

    follow on twitter @p0is0nedkoola
    the Lester Bangs of hip hop
    save those 2 line opinions for guys who support Rick Ross blindly

  • Devante

    Irv Gotti was the fucking man… only if wasnt for 50 Cent and the dirty money charges.

  • Irv totally deserves it. I love the Unit and Ja had gotten too big for his britches but that discount this man. Congrats Irv

  • Black Shady

    Inc is done

  • LA

    Old and flabby cupcake eatin MF

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