New Music: A$AP Rocky “Long Live A$AP”

long live a$ap-cover

Despite the early leak, A$AP officially releases the album’s opening track, which he premiered live last week. Long.LiveA$AP

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  • rlydoe


  • Gambino

    dope album. The song with Santigold is fire

  • itsMe

    Album dope

  • jake$ the motherfuckin answer

    for some reason i can’t fuck with this nigga music.he don’t sound like he from harlem at me that nigga sucks.

  • Cruel Thing

    It’s different. Me gusta

  • Baous

    Sucks that his album leaked before the preorder was available lol…I wonder how that happened

  • Chris

    LOL how you gonna put out one song officially as a teaser of sorts when the whole album has been out for days…

  • Professor Oak

    This nigga ASAP Rocky is MEDIOCRE AS HELL…..I didn’t like the album at ALL,Personally I think he tries too hard.

    People like ASAP Rocky’s image that’s the only reason why he is popular.

  • kdw

    The difference in quality makes a HUGE difference.

  • kdw

    Between this one and the leaked version I mean.

  • onenutned

    seems like someone with not too much to rap about.

  • kill

    ^God I’m sick of these J. Cole kids


  • JustMyOpinion

    “24 Hours To Live?” It’s a shame we live in a culture which get their information from social networks. Rather than look thing up for themselves and educate one’s self we rather perpetuate non-sense. Not to mention, we complain about B/S rappers. Hmmm, I wonder where they come from? (rhetorical).

  • TrinidadJayRome

    Cross Dresser

  • IamRealTalk *MKW* – 5?General of MKW – “N when you pull up tha footage..of me walkin out in Chicago on the stage with the Chin Chilla draggin on tha flo..YOU LET ME KNOW !!… if thats the swagger of somebody thats in fear of they life” – Rozay




  • Trinidad Rome

    Its not a dress, it’s an oversized shirt

  • dave

    oh yes me gusta indeed.rocky just made my ears sorry your album leaked papi.i didnt listen to none of it tho.ima wait to it drops ob tje 15 so i could buy a hard long papi live long.fvck swvg.commes des fuckdown.always strive and prosper.blvck scvle.stay trillll bitches!!!!

  • M.T

    song was ok. chorus was nice.

  • Boredtodeath

    I fuck with Rocky but damn its crazy how niggas act. If niggas fuck with your “swag”, you could get on. Like asap aiight but niggas be suckin him odee. I think his image is really winnin niggas over, which is cool, I just hate hearin niggas like @dave talk about the nigga like he on some Hov shit. What do he really be sayin? Or do niggas fuck with him cuz he’s “different”? Lol I don’t get it. Fuck it tho, get money, right? Lol niggas kill me. Oh and Btw this track is good money tho, prolly top 3 on the album honestly.

  • vlado


  • floridaboy

    songs raw. youtube LVL- ITS TRIPPY

  • floridaboy

    by asap rocky

  • mitch

    this probably the best song i done heard from the ASAP nigga, though i havent really heard alot of his music (mixtapes,etc) but as far as the songs hes released to the public, this really shows hes atleast a pretty DECENT rapper, still not great, but he cool i guess, but personally i think he got owned by Drake & 2 Chainz on “fuckin problemz”

  • CaliSteppin

    His album is dope. Out of the newcomers the best albums were GKMC, LongLiveAsap, and Cole World and Im a way bigger Cole fan then Rocky one. Coles mixtape music was better than all theirs too but the album had several duds for me. Hope Cole gets motivated to drop some classic shit

  • Nick

    album instant classic

  • CaliSteppin

    In my previous comment the albums are ranked in order

  • Respect

    This joint too weak

  • Beaming

    Album was good but idk how this album would fit into top 5 tapes of the year.. Was expecting more but dope none the less.

  • Devante

    Dope album

  • TA

    Album is dope AF

  • wilbur

    what an artist.that chorus is beautiful.sounds like pharrell.this is a all time classic album.

  • KingJuggaNott

    Sounds like something off that old Gravediggers album with Rza etc.


  • IamRealTalk *MKW* – 5?General of MKW – “N when you pull up tha footage..of me walkin out in Chicago on the stage with the Chin Chilla draggin on tha flo..YOU LET ME KNOW !!… if thats the swagger of somebody thats in fear of they life” – Rozay

    IM ALIVE !!!!



  • Ri Ri’s butt


  • brza

    Nice record. Album is interesting. The production has some early Wu-Tang undertones.

  • caliking

    ya hes different.. i guess.. idk hes whatever he wont last in this game not trying to hate he has some decent stuff.. rappers need to bring it to the table. Delivery, Word Play, Metaphors is whats needed.

  • dll32

    Dope album!

  • Tip

    He’s one of them rappers that has buzz for a year then they gone he wont last


    Sad to say but yea

  • Belize

    Damn this nigga found a new SpaceGhost to bless him with the beats he need

  • Gibbs

    ^ produced by LORD FLVCKO aka A$AP Rocky

  • Word

    LONG LIVE A$AP! Fire song, cant wait to hear the album. A$AP actually has a fresh sound to me compared to these other rappers, thats why I like his music. And he obviously isnt like these Trinidad James or Chief Keef type dudes that are a flash in the pan. A$AP collabs with other artist and actually sounds like he puts effort into his songs. Some may not like his style, but I dig his flow and all that. Album should be good, sucks it leaked a month early. Ima buy it now just to support.

  • chillthrills

    this money that be rockin dresses,,,,,,music sounds like it,,,hahaaaa!!!,,non cipher kid!!