New Music: J.Cole “2012”


Just in case the world ends tomorrow, Jermaine treats us with what may be his last recording. Says him:

If the world ends tomorrow, damn. I would be mad as shit for 2 reasons. First, I

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    yeah i needed some new music, this is right on time

  • jml

    this that warm up cole flow, god damn

  • Black Shady

    clearly sounds Warm Up J.Cole

    used those lines on the A Star Is Born Remix he made…

    COLE WORLD! 2013 is ours.

  • E$CO

    Ehh, kinda weak.

  • Fire


    So relevant. He gon really change the game…

  • Belize

    this sucks.



  • Slim Baller

    *In Case

    2 words not 1

  • CK

    waw, crazy song, he needs to release asap all of this type fo material he never put out, it deserves to be out and people need constantly music these days

  • dave

    i miss warm up cole.he was so hungry back then.anybody remember simba?not grown simba but simba.he went way hard on tht.hopefully he bring that back

  • onenutned

    this nigga shit is GARBAGE I’m sorry I tried to dig homey but naw.

  • que

    this song is whatever. i dont know why he would release this. im fed up with this nigga

  • M.T

    Dope! flow was crazy on this one. The percussion’s were nice. Cole about to take over next year.

  • Kenny’s Dominos

    If this nigga really cared about us, he’d release at least one of the songs he and kendrick recorded.

  • the brain trust

    Don’t know what you cornball niggas are talkin’ bout.

    This is dope as hell. Never heard Cole make this kinda music (even though both verses are from old freestyles) & i’m impressed.


  • That Guy

    this is not impressive. mediocre. I’m not worried though, it’s ’08. Sophomore album is going to be crucial. He’s slipping with some of the fans.
    That “Knight Rider” track better live up to the hype cause he saved that shit this whole time and said it was one of his best products.

  • priime dawg

    this is dope

  • brza

    This record is live.

  • Lu

    The Old Cole was hungry. I wish we get that guy back. That raw hunger…

  • superlabel

    not bad not good

  • “shoutout to the spanish nigga ” lmaooo




    To me lloyd banks and Game are the best emcees alive, BANKS Is the punchline lyrical master and Game is a story teller with a lyricaly a beast inside him they both spit fire! Game to me is more well rounded in music.. banks is a lil more battle style NY which is why i love his shit Game is Raw like pac with but with a NY flow they both complex as hell if u listen close….happy dooms day !

  • michelle michelle

    Cole is talented, will his potential be fully realized? That remains to be seen.

  • FTW

    …. that explains why the bad rappers go platinum (c)

    colematic… still.

  • Word

    Niggas always wanna be quick to say someone fell off or isnt hungry anymore. I admit Sideline Story wasn’t the raw album we thought it would be but it was great either way. I think this album will be Cole’s TRUE follow up to Warm Up and FNL.

    This song is great though. Like the uptempo high energy beat, and he got bars on this too. I also liked his hooks better from back then hopefully he finds some of that creativity in his new shit.