Roc-A-Fella Sold Out Reunion Concert

The Gramercy Theater was packed to the brim last night for the Roc-A-Fella Reunion Concert. Without Hov or Beans, the Young Gunz, Freeway and Memphis Bleek held things down with special guests, Mos Def, Peedi Crakk and N.O.R.E. With Young Gurue and Just Blaze on the turntables, here’s a recap of what you missed.

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  • onenutned

    no hov, no beans I wouldn’t payed to see that.

  • Devante

    I don’t know what’s more shocking.. .The fact that Bleek, Crack and Nore called it a re-union or the fact that those 3 packed a building.

  • 718


  • NotBadSon

    You have to respect this. I don’t expect any 90s babies to really understand this moment but this is historic. The Roc use to be THE label. Every member on their roster was buzzing and eating good. Jay had an empire for real. It would be dope to see Jay do something with them again but Jay has accomplished so much more since then I doubt it. Props to State P, good to see yall still have fans.

  • HB

    ROC in the building. it is kinda shocking though to see they packed the house like that after all the years gone by. Bleek probably paid for all this out of his own pocket.

  • Thats dope of them, but that’s more along the lines of State Property and Co. than actually a ROC REunion, especially with no Jay or Beans. Hell, no Kanye even. Im glad Just and Young Guru was able to help out though.

  • Mike

    Somebody told T.I.(he wouldnt say who) “When you have sold all the tickets you can, to the fight; nothing else will sell but the reunion”. The concert was sponsored by Dusse liquor

  • JMillionaire


  • Elsonz

    man rocafella state property was the shit , just listenin to da songs brings flashbacks

  • really 23

    Temptations without David Ruffin
    Destiny’s Child minus Beyonce
    Fugees w/o Lauryn
    Superhead w/o a Johnson 4 her mowf

  • heat

    its their time to eat and shine. they been rappin forever so they deserve some dont hate on them niggas

  • No Jay there says it all. He’s moved onto bigger and better things. Too busy hahaha

  • abdurrazzaq

    stop this roc shit its over

  • JWhistles

    Why cant the hip hop culture accept old classics doing shows? Its pretty retarded. Bands like Aerosmith tour every year playing 40 year old songs yet a hip hop artist from 10 years ago does a show and people have to hate on it.

    I still bump Bleek and Nore. Love smokin to get high on the I95 and when Banned From TV comes on i put that shit up as loud as it goes.

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  • Beaming

    This is not the Roc….

  • wow


  • Lu

    Without HOV and the BROADWAY BULLY, there is no Rocafella. Just a bunch of other guys that rhyme.

  • Jamz

    i loved the old State property albums, but honestly no Jigga, no Kanye, no Beans, no good.

  • RoBED

    non of these niggaz signed to roc-a-fella anymore LMAO

  • B.Dot

    co-signature everything @JWhistles said

  • It’s the ROC!!!!!

  • casper21

    how about a shady reunion one day without eminem, or a ruff ryders reunion without dmx, or a disturbing the peace reunion without Luda, you get the picture….

  • Alyx

    a Jackson 5 reunion without Michael

  • Brandon

    I was at the show.. it was packed, but the crowd was dead. It was sad to see a NYC crowd, not really supporting the Roc.

    Seemed like 95% of the crowd was just hoping to have scored $25 Jay-Z tickets. The dudes up there performing.. if you were a real Roc fan back in the day.. they ran through classics… got zero reaction.

    I’m 28, and I was one of the younger people in the crowd.. I expected people to appreciate the show, but the DJ playing Meek Mill and Trinidad James got WAY more reaction before the show, than the actual performers did during the show.

    I personally consider State Prop Vol 2 a classic.. and I even put the first Young Gunz album almost to that level, so I enjoyed the show regardless, but it would have been a lot better if the crowd were actual Roc fans, instead of the same typical NYC crowd that has already abandoned East Coast rap in the last ten years anyway.

    I understand how it must of happened… but Bleek had no business closing the show.. even still.. dude performed the Intro off Vol. 2 and got NO reaction.. that’s crazy to me. That, alone, should have gotten a big reaction out of a New York crowd… but NYC rap really must be dead.

  • so no dipset huh…

  • The original lucci

    Everybody was fucking wit that movement city to city!! Bring that shit to lv Nevada or the bay!!

  • James Watts

    Where was Amil ?!?!? Rell ?!?!?

  • JRiggz

    This is great…Freeway is still one of the best in the game….i would love a show like this….maybe they should have called it something else,b ut still id love to hear all these songs live again

  • King Kong

    Jay did a half assed Roc reunion at the Made In America festival a couple months back, that was cool

  • Danny

    an entire crowd of ppl thinking Jay z was goin to pop on stage… sad

  • Elsonz

    For real Ny niggas is hipsters now, State Property and Bleek got classics. Just watching the clip gave me chills but then again I was a real fan that listens to real rap shit not this fuckboy swag rap shit asap cocky bullshit

  • sean

    I hope one day we see in real roc reunion with beans dame biggie jay-z bleek young gunz and pop by collage drop kanye no kilt