• gooo

    Best Lyricists Out right now.

  • Safe Dwade

    These nigga dont really rap about shit it sound like haha

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  • TA

    This is dude is awesome. I wish he’d do more vlog type shit. Dude has an interesting life and persona.

  • Danny

    i HONESTLY THOUGHT I was listening to Ghostface for a min but Action is still ill though


    ^^the voice is similar but they don’t rap about the same shit or the same way…..
    Bronson is a fucking DOPE ass emcee…….and his beat selection is always refreshing cuz its not fucking 808s and some synth shit….just ill samples and drums…..

  • floridaboy

    this dope

  • The original lucci

    Why must we be subjected to this fat chimpmunk!!