Juelz Santana God Will’n Cover

god will'n-cover

Ay! Looks like this is really happening and Juelz goes up in smoke on the front cover of God Will’n. The mixtape is expected to drop at the top of next year.

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  • Jae Millz’ First Week Album Sales

    This nigga is only 29

    Dude could really have a full career in front of him if he wanted

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  • Realniggashit

    He’s dude he suppose to be the princess of NY

  • JustMyOpinion

    Son had a potential to be one of NY’s top artist. I wouldn’t mind hearing his story: what kept him from recording all these years, almost a decade? It would be a shame if a contract negotiations held him back all this time.

  • ty

    no release date for a mixtape

  • Slim Baller

    Never gonna drop lmao so irrelevant

  • Who gives a shit about dipset y’all acting like he has anything to rap about

  • Devante

    Smh this shows that the Myans were right…
    Lord have mercy on us

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  • NY

    Whooooooooaaaaaaa Juelz is back and ready to takeover this rap shit.

    Just watch you haters just how hard this Guy is gonna kill Shit.

    The release date IS January 13th!!!!

    Juelz has always been better than all these rappers who are popping right now

    All u haters know how he killed Wayne with every tune they went on together and thats when Weezy was at his best.

  • caliking

    juelz is sick guarantee this mixtape will shit on niggas #ay

  • LO

    it’s over juelz you are two years late the public has no interest

  • verbalvirgo1

    almost the same as Chief keef cover wit all the smoke lolz think he need 2 do away wit all the smoke u can barely see him

  • bobby

    lol this nigga is the laziest rapper in the game,period. dudes been saying for like 8 years he woudl drop a mxitape n he aint do SHIT. i mean cmon , some rappers drop 100+ songs a year, and this bum ass nigga cant give us 1? why should we even care? his time is up, NEXT

  • B.A.G.

    Juelz is a beast!!! He spazzed on that Mixing Up The Medicine!!!

  • Young Lucky

    so niggas just gonna let this mediocore ass nigga get away with his Clipse “Lord Willin” title bite just slide huh??

  • Fred Splash

    Ay ay ay!

  • Slim Baller

    Ladies and Gentlemen I present to you the cover to the laziest rapper ever and the next Detox #NeverDropping #Lazy #OnlyTook5Years

  • That chain looks a little “off” on the right side…have a close look.


    Bootleg music + Bootleg graphics=BWAHAHA!

  • Santa

    Niggas actin like him and Wayne weren’t neck and neck for a minute

  • KimEasy

    Juelz is dope, i want to hear that story also… why that took so long time…. like 5years for a mixtape.. but its coming NOW!

  • trukfit_knicknation

    It’s On His instagram. He Post The Pic Last Night & In Tha Caption It Said 1-14-13 for the release date

  • ess

    Immediatly reminded me of wiz’s first album cover

  • im hoping itll be good, but from the looks of his career nd dipset as a whole, its not looking to good..

  • spin off of meeks mixtape cover

  • dave

    this dude came in the game as a young’n.he could of been up there with lil Wayne.not that ima wayne fan.but he just wasted his years away.last time thus dude was nice was when he dropped those back like cook crack mixtapes.

  • Word

    Wow! Are niggas really that forgetful? As if this nigga didn’t have bars AND success sales wise back in the day. Juelz could’ve been big, he only 29 so he still has a shot. Juelz use to bring the heat, even if these new era dudes can’t fade it.

  • acidrap

    People still checkin fo this weak ass nigga lol?! I had to see for myself.

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