• Che

    ya bish

  • jake$ the motherfuckin answer

    hip hop need more kendrick lamar to change hip hop.cause hip hop is fuckup right now,niggaz from the south really fuck hiphop up.now look at the 4million dalla deal corny ass nigga like trinidad james just got.stay tune,it more niggaz like him cooming up.here my list of corny ass niggaz.waka flocka corny,future corny,lil wayne done deal,rick ross done deal,but the only nigga i fuck with from the south is jeezy, ti, ace hood.rest of them south niggaz corny.

  • Donn

    HipHop should just stay balanced. Hiphop is about self expression, everybody expresses themselves in different ways and they have the right to. We all have our preferences in music but u can’t knock the fact these kids just wanna be heard and say what’s on their mind

  • jfraz1992

    @donn rappers that don’t have substance in their music have nothing to say, so that’s not expressing shit

  • Authenicenterprisesnbc

    @ jake the motherfuccn fucc u it’s plenty niccas from that can rap,u just mad cuz we got on lock,Not take anything from Kendrick cuz he’s a beast it’s wacc niccas in every region

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  • acidrap

    This young ass kid aint shit and his album was boring as a muthafucka.Now he got a movie bout himself droppin soon lol?! Wow,his real life situations like “taking his mothers car” aint shit bro.I was doin more than that at his age. I’d rather listen to Trinidad’s weak ass than this clown.At least Trinidad is entertaining,like a circus clown.