• Yeezus Christ

    mill will is played out already lol this dude is so repetitive, non talented beat maker

  • The Other P

    That est. in 1989 pt. 2 is 1 of the best mixtapes to drop this year. Dude got HEAT! Puff’s shit talking on intro is classic.

  • The original lucci

    Top 5 producers right now. Dj mustard, young chop, mike will made it, dj spinz, hit boy

  • Fred Splash

    It would be so disappointing if Mike Will didn’t make it, but has ghostproducers

  • brodiewastheHOE

    played out ? no talent? damn what kinda ears you got. this dude can make soul shit bangers that make you hype and listen to that new jeezy joint he previewd. this dude is one of the best producer out right now.. lex luger cant see him lol he aint been making noise 2012. young chop coo but havent heard any thing different than same chief keef beats.. so mike will definitely the number 1 producer out here… not comparing to the legends like timbo, phairell etc

  • squares

    yo that radio station suck my dick… and that female on the “exclusive” drop is whack… the dj the hosts… all whack… shout out to LA tho