WWE’s Prime Time Players Interview STS

STS is making moves with the WWE. Recently, Sugar Tongue Slim wrote the entrance music for wrestling duo, The Prime Time Players. In the clip, he explains how the record came together. Download it here on iTunes.

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  • this is rosenbergs hip hop fantasy… wwe and rap fused into one lolll

  • B.Dot

    if i want to watch a choreographed fight, i’ll turn on Tru TV.

  • D’on

    Wwe really?wow

  • County Of Kings

    @b.dot if i wanna watch a choreographed fight, i’ll watch hiphop in general.

    wrestling might be realer than the some of these “beef” starting rappers.

  • JustMyOpinion

    There’s so many *pause* moments in that sentence alone, I don’t even want to watch the vid.

  • Fred Splash

    Sugar tongue? Oh ok. Alright.

  • Truth Will Out

    RAPRADAR: YOU PLAYED YOURSELF! <—–Go to the back of the class, pick up the dunce cap and face the wall!!!

  • Safan


    StS. First time I heard him… Worth a listen,
    Better than the original !!

  • Awesome.

  • JJ

    @ Deez — Mine too, this is awesome

  • dave

    Sts is a dope rapper originally from the south but reps philly.nigga is nice