• a$ap billy

    omg yes its here!!!!!!! fap gap fap

  • thzz NiggA

    Maaan wut the fuck did i just watch?

  • Black Shady

    what if Vevo AND Mtv is giving me problem tho?

  • im lovn this video….

  • Madness

    Really nice vid but the song is garbage

  • wickedess

    dope as video… cant wait for this also… http://bit.ly/U66BSN

  • dll32

    dope as fuck!

  • JuicyJ
  • Faded 4evaNaDay

    nice video but so many other songs on the album worthy of a video. this is his third video from the album already so I doubt we’ll see another one soon

  • Donn

    I smell a VMA award, ASAP is that nigga

  • Faded

    how can you promote this niga when his album leaked a MONTH early hahahahahah. he aint trash, but thats just pathetic.

  • outback?

    I liked this beat better when it was called “round here” by memphis bleek

  • dave

    rocky is pretty dope.he has a generation behind him.i dont remember the last time so many people said they were gonna buy someones album the hard copy at that.well beaides kendrixk.but i think asap is gonna sell more than kdot.because he has more than good music.he has a image kids follow.like kids really look up to him and dress and talk like him.kdot never had that.its kinda similar to kid cudi and his fans.they support thru anything.always strive and prosper.

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  • floridaboy

    Raider Klan > A$AP Bitches

  • the brain trust

    You Raider Klan losers are fucking sad.

    No one knows who you are (you’re that irrelevant) & we don’t care to know.

  • gooo

    @The Brain Trust

    Rvidxr Klvn is known world wide bruh.. whatchu talm bout ?

    rvidxr klvn is from city to city.

  • KingJuggaNott

    Dude looks like Chad Johnson with Braids.

  • floridaboy

    brain trust a fuckboy

  • anon

    Brain Trust hit the nail on the head with that one

  • JoelBill