• Slim Baller

    At least this cover is really dope

  • money maker

    wow these boys hmmmm goods

  • dave

    Wow young roddy sucks ass!!!

  • TOY T


  • KingJuggaNott


  • gooo

    my nigga spitta with the holiday raps. oh yes.

  • floridaboy

    this dope as fuuuuuck

  • dave

    yella cab is the best song.

  • red

    if you think young roddy or trademark suck you need to get your head checked. JET LIFE

  • wow

    ep? gtfoh

  • Steel p

    Jett life fo life mad good cant believe you thnk young roddy is bad crazy talk

  • dodo

    this dude gots skills, no doubt about it.

    where the hell is PTIII??