New Mixtape: Mike Will Made It Est. In 1989 2.5

est in 1989 2.5-cover

Producer Mike Will Made It flips through his rolodex and calls on a few friends for his new mixtape, Est. In 1989 2.5. Tracklist and download link after the jump. Check him out discussing the tape here.

est in 1989 2.5-back

Download here

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  • Your mother’s “friend”

    I don’t get it, what’s the point ?? what does he gain from this ??


  • Yeezus Christ

    mostly all these beats suck and sound the same, mike will be nobody in 1 year, average beat maker, not even worthy enough of being called a producer

  • JustMyOpinion

    @ Big Homie, @ B.Dot, @ YN…….Can we find out why Skillz is calling “Thoughts Become Things” his last album? Thanks.

  • Slim Baller

    No one cares about this no name guy named skillz^

    Anyway Mike Will beats have potential if say 1 out of every 5 of his beats are actual bangers

  • wtfmynamechanged

    And with this.. This guy has worn out his welcome on rap.. Jesus.. Bands was tight.. The song with School boy Q.. Honestly.. Dude does have skill.. But his sound is becoming as repititve as that dude who made the B.M.F. beats.. ugggggggggggggggggh all rappers and beatmakers know how to over saturate themselves because they want two million followers on twitter like Fabolous.. Fall back..

  • wtfmynamechanged

    Also.. All of the “so and so speaks” are just as annoying as Dj Drama or the Dj Khaled(two men who are single handedly ruining rap) screaming on every fucking track.. I am starting to fucking hate rap and its commercialism.. Shit is so fucking gay.. This is not the direction rap should have went in. Seriously.. Its all about appealing to women ages 13-24 and the emo hipster faggot boys who wear extra medium shirts.. skinny jeans.. big frame glasses with no lenses.. scarves.. that secretly are in love with these whores(usually the girls who go out to night clubs to hear and dance to this music are just that.. whores which is cool but you shouldnt pretend to like this faggotry type music just to get with themm.. make them like you) but are too nervous to actually start a conversation about their ass or tits or dick sucking lips that they have to resort to ssupporting such gay artists like drake lil b anyone on ymcmb odd future.. all that shit is.. is what is perceived by the nation as attractive males who can get girls to buy their shit.. its a money scam.. like those emails from the prince in nigeria.. fuck this music.

  • 100hunnit

    Your stupid in your head.
    How dare you say dj drama is destroying hiphop.
    His gangsta grillz mixtapes are classics
    Just go kill yourself

  • Chronic

    Are people over Trinidad James yet?

  • wtfmynamechanged

    100hunnit.. even with your stupid repetitive name I would expect you to be on my side.. Dude.. You know you can get “gangsta grillz” mixtapes without drama on them right? Try listening to those and then listen to it with Dj Drama on it.. You will learn to despise him

  • Tiiz

    Trinidad James is over Trinidad James.

  • bobby

    mike will is the hottest produecer in the past 5 years…why yall niggers mad? let the boy shine, he is on his way to all star status

  • Mike Will Made thrived in 2012, check out a list of best producers from this year:

  • The original lucci

    ^^^^ hitp. How u didn’t have dj mustard on the honarble mention? Step it up bruh!! U have irrelevance in the hm

  • Birdham

    Mike Will Banger

  • acidrap

    Will aight but…He do like 1 outta 4 or 5 that’s actually tight.The rest is predictable,formulated shit.All these niggas need to expand they minds and sound from that fl studio shit.UNFUCKINBELIEVABLE how many cats on youtube sound exactly the same on that trap shit. Nobody got no identity no more. They using crazy sound fx over they lack of musical skills.

  • floridaboy

    for real niggas only

  • this project is well made