New Mixtape: Wale Folarin


Hosted by DJ Clark Kent, Mr. Folarin hands over his new collection of music. Guests include Rozay, Scarface, Nipsey Hussle, French Montana, 2 Chainz, Jhen

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  • Slim Baller

    Can’t wait. Production looks weak tho

  • Boy Better Know


  • Safe Dwade

    After 13 mixtape tracks the rest is bull shit these niggas are too stingy

  • BG

    @Slim Baller is right. Weak production. Still gonna DL, though.

  • Boy Better Know

    You forgot to post that new Troy Ave & Pusha T before this. Guess your have to post it in a few hours.


  • dmfslimm

    7 tracks in and im pleased. the scarface jawn is nice.

  • Ronnie Mack JR


  • JustMyOpinion

    We gotta start giving son his props….He deserves it. I managed to skim through a few songs, that Intro (Forward) is a great look into what he’s been offering these past years.

    “You would really believe they thought you were talking about a F’n chain.” Pay attention son offering them jewels.

    Oh, can’t forget that ‘Georgetown Press’ he dropping more jewels. That kid Lightshow went IN.

  • Zagga

    ^ nah Rich Forever is better

  • dave

    Wale is complete thrash. hes turned into a mmg zombie.he use to be authentic and then hw let ross eat his soul along with that wing stop.thank god theres still Stalley.hes a pure authentic artist. #bcg #330

  • E$CO

    Wale is trash. Always has been. Always will be.

  • chillthrills

    wale is cool,,,should of built his own clique,,,,oh well ….check out my artist,,,champ-one ballin too fast,,ft g-lloyd and / cool dre

  • Special ED

    @chillthrills that’s the whole point of BOA [Black Cobain, Tre and Lightshow]

  • DMVinyourchick

    i like wale but this mixtape was kinda weak in production and versatality and i dont like the way he rhymes now, sounds like one big ass run on scentence he just mashes everything together,

  • Kenny’s Dominos

    man i hate DatPiff

  • Villa

    Shit was weak!


    Very Very Rare…. Hot shit

  • Black Shady

    this arrogant nigga….no thx

  • BE

    Wale hasn’t been the same since he got with MMG. This tape is subpar.

  • B

    Mixtape is dope, joint wit Chinx is fire

  • A$VP J-MAC

    Kinda ehh?….Only listed for the Ross, Chainz and Trinidad feature

  • Jav

    So Wale sold out to twitter people that get new music from twitter..people that’ll get themselves a new tattoo every weekend. He once was a smart genuine person and all that changed when rick ross signed him. He once was a prodigy in the eyes of mark ronson and now he just is a fraud. He screams and yells run on rhymes over popular producers beats and no longer is creative and he once was. 11-1-11 theory was garbage and so is this. More About Nothing was his peak. Sad day.

    Sincerly 3/29k people who bought ur a:d cd first week. (I bought the only copies available in my city)

  • chillthrills

    check it oooouut,,,champ-one ballin too fast,,,,ft g-lloyd and cool drey

  • chillthrills

    yo wale get your clique on deck,,,,,lets see what it is,,,peace

  • Papi

    More About Nothing > Folarin

  • Slim Baller

    Just listened and WOW WAS THE PRODUCTION GOD AWFUL. I was right

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  • mrfukkyofeelings

    shits dope dont kno y ppl hating

  • Nope

    this mixtape mark the beginin of the end for this dude. whatever flame he used to have is gone. sad day

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  • Tiiz

    2009 Me woulda lost my shit for this mixtape.

  • DJ Game


  • @DMVinyourchick couldn’t have said it better…

  • Faz

    We Banging This In Lagos, Big Up Wale, Original Nigerian Lyricist

  • dmfslimm

    mane yall buggin. this tape rolling. wale did that.


    Great mixtape. On heavy rotation!!!

  • Funny reading the posts of you cats- separate ur dislike of Ross when listening to MMG cats— this shit goes in.

  • This N = lip singin

  • DC4Real

    not a bad body of work in my opinion. I just wish homie would get up off that whole “made it out of DC” thing and city struggle ish….. homie didnt come up outta nothing but the suburbs the cover should be a Montgomery County, MD flag.

  • Deep Cover

    what a surprise this is number 1 lol

  • bigKD

    Someone said versatility was off point?? wale’s been one of the most versatile since day 1, hot tape & dope production in my opinion.

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