New Video: Kid Ink “Can’t Ignore Me”

Can’t disregard Kid Ink’s grind. And on this Christmas Eve, he hits the lab and films yet another visual off his latest release, Rocketship Shawty. The tape can be downloaded in full here.

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  • JustMyOpinion

    New Video: Kid Ink

  • ss

    ive been ignoring this dude .. heard 1 track and stopped listening ..

  • Slim Baller

    This is a nice track

  • Is this Chris browns rapping alter ego?

  • ignoring kid ink

    i’m ignoring him.

  • Y’all Just Commented & Clicked This Blog Piece Just To Say That You Did Ignore Him…

    Ha! I Just Can’t Fuck W/ Shameful Shit Like That

  • Wolf

    how can i “not ignore” this lame.. LOL

  • matrix

    you niggz is haters this joint bangs…i fuggz wit his shit…well mostly sometimes he sound like other niggz…but this joint is tough!!

  • Juan Pablo Ibarra


  • Trent

    I Never Ignored Kid Ink.. sickest song

  • Prince

    Awesome !! eeeghh!

  • YanikScolastici

    My favorite artist, he works so hard an inspires me so much, wish him merry xmas and hope he keeps doin his thing 🙂

  • Balla

    Average ass nigga

  • onenutned

    his beat selection is dope but he’s not there yet lyrically…good try tho.

  • Sean Johnstone

    Da fuck are people talking about Kid Ink’s shit!?
    seriously listen to every other track he has and then say he’s not good!
    Best rapper i’ve ever heard of! #Alumni!

  • boring ass rapper