Whoo Kid Interviews T.I. & A$AP Rocky

DJ Whoo Kid recently invited T.I.P. and A$AP Rocky to his Whoolywood Shuffle on Shade 45. Besides more ranting, T.I. spoke on his album, his Grand Hustle family, Atlanta Falcons and more.

During A$AP Rocky’s time slot, the Harlem rapper discussed recent collaborations, his upcoming tour with Rihanna and more.

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  • NYCown

    That nigga T.I. Got the album of the year hands down

  • R

    Whoo Kid is the New Howard Stern!!!!!

  • K9

    Good album but games was way better

  • Haha

    IAm a big game fan but that Jesus piece album was trash. Overload on the features and over kill on the name dropping far and away his worst album.

  • TDE

    @HAHa I think your on crack shit was firee

  • damn i cant wait until this t.i promotional run is over with, you can’t try to act sophisticated and rehabilitated for 2-3 albums and then when the 3rd one coming out start acting ignorant and turn up the marble mouth accent…

  • @R that is something he will forever wish to accomplish, but he just simply will never reach that level, and he will never be as significant to talk radio or as controversial as howard stern….dude got kicked off of fm radio and people all went and got xm/sirius JUST for howard stern, and MAYBE a few em dickriders, because of shady 45

  • simply put, howard stern makes going down flatbush in the morning during rush hour to get to court, a LOT more enjoyable…

  • Ricflair

    This nigga tip too funny lol


    @haha i agree Game’s album is hard 2 listen 2. Very crowded and loud and 2 much fronting 4 shock value. it’s 1 of his worst after L.A.X.

  • JustMyOpinion

    What’s up with the camera man for the first 6 minutes for the interview? He got the jitters yo

  • RIck

    This nigga whoo kid is on jimmy lovines payroll…dont fuck up or they will come looking for u again

  • keif

    ti needs to stop faking the hardcore accent. because you can tell hes faking it and enunciating it too much. he needs to stop the ghetto bullshit and go back to the intellectual smart ti that we all know. just my thoughts.

  • TI is so fake I can’t take it

  • DoinTooMuch

    How is he being fake? Theres a proper place and a proper time for everything. You don’t talk the same way around your boss like you do your best friends do you? SMH Just admit u hate him for no reason and keep it movin. BTW, T.I. has always had a hood/southern accent.