• Rozay

    Nothing negative to say about giving, that;s what it’s all about, much respect to F.A.B,

    Merry Christmas to all.

  • GTFO

    Same man that say he didn’t like black women. Same man that Co-Signed V-Nasty saying nigger.

    Sorry try again.

  • Fukdj Khaled

    Props t o him giving back but dude is corny as Fuck

  • Respect to F.A.B! He is doing a fantastic job.

  • Christian

    much respect.

  • Kelly

    Good shit right here but we havent forgot about u co signing those 2 white bitches and letting them use the word nigga…you ignorant bastard u should be giving shit out free everyday tell us mistah fab are u still their nigga or have u become their nigger?