• you really didnt make it anywhere without a cosign actually, u first had to do tracks with mic galper, who absolutely ripped you to pieces, then he even deleted the diss track so it wouldnt come back to haunt u, in addition to that u tried doing tracks with bun b and freeway, fact is u need them co-signs, but u strictly paid for those features, prolly top dollar too, sometimes u gotta know when u lost…and im not hating but this video looks more like a parody than “rap”..


    MGK won…

  • “BARS” such as “breaking bad like tuco salamanca” are getting outtahand, just because the guy was in the show, that means its a bar because u mentioned a show and then mention a characters name?? smh

  • @MOOSE “hundo percent”

  • Devante

    Yo I got the screen shot of Jay Electonica talking crazy bout 50 cent last night

  • gercher

    This video is really dope, sick production value. Webby got some dope flavor on this1

  • DJ Game


  • DJ Infamous

    lol this shit is dope forreal

  • Hiphophead

    If you’ve ever played Nintendo or any videogames, you have to have an appreciation for this song. Not to mention lyrics are dope. @deez, what did you try to find the worst line of the song and that’s what u found, better than lots of trash out now a days

  • Keondre

    Lol at webbys friends in here posting nice things.. Trash

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  • DMVinyourchick

    Is it me or do I hear asap flow, anyway video was dope concept kinda corny tho

  • deadpres

    shits trash. Ad before the video was better

  • Salute A Nigga ‘Fo I Shoot A Nigga

    ASAP doesn’t have a [email protected]

  • Soonami


  • kendall

    damn this is sik