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    This is dope I m def downloadin it!

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    Young Chop laid the beat for Don Trip to kill it!

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    Hot track you already know…

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    Young Chop on the Beat!

  • Ridalen

    Young chop and hitboy most overrated of 2012

  • Kali

    Hitboy overratted?Niggas are funny

  • WTT2


  • Fuck MKW U Bitch!

    Chop is good bread.

    Fuck Rick Ross.
    Meek Mill snitched on Ty gunna LOOK IT UP!!!!!

  • Slim Baller

    This is heat

  • brodiewastheHOE

    Dude is signed to interscope

  • dave

    young chop >>>>> dr. dre

  • chuck

    forgot about this guy. dope track.

  • Eric no Sermon

    yall are delusional the pioneers of production are quincy jones rick rubin and definitley dr dre and timbo and so on but i agree hitboy is the most overated nigga his beats are not mind blowing…lets look at the niggas who gave his beat life Jay and Ye lol asap rapped on his shit and it was avg the neptunes hell even swizz beats early shit was classic long live the 90s thru 2005 after that it all fell apart

  • http://www.aerospacemetalsdistributor.com aerospace metals

    didn’t know he was signed to interscope… hot track though

  • RICk P

    Oms this beat was originally flipped by the HooDGE3Kz called the Hangova dont believe me look them niggas up!!! and the song go way harder #DRINKTILLIPASSOUT