• Slim Baller


  • Monsiur Fanfan

    These dudes are d.o.p.e.

  • onenutned

    that 90’s era gutter rap coming back.

  • E$CO

    This shit weak

  • Not one damn negative comment should be entered for this song. This is hip hop…this is pure hip hop. Lyrics are on point, beats are great, flows are amazing. All you dumb chief keef, 2 Chainz dumb mother fuckers need to fuckin pay attention to this shit….keep bringing back hip hop NY.

  • DJ Semtex’s Prothsetic

    this sounds pretty dope, glad these guys have good lyrics and flow, also diggin that kany west school skit samples from college drop out lol.

  • crazy with the beats thoo

  • matrix

    Not bad…still dont know bout them reppin my hood tho niggz in my hood are way better than these niggz lol…

  • DaBoyAG

    wowwww @ the three wise men giving the gifts to Baby Jesus upside down in the cover artwork. dope