New Video: CyHi Da Prynce “Favorite Things”

Guns and ski masks are just a few of CyHi’s favorite things. So in support of his upcoming Ivy League Kick Back mixtape, he, Pill and others plot a stick up. This is how the Prynce stole Christmas.

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  • Salute A Nigga ‘Fo I Shoot A Nigga

    The GOOD Music reject


    Damn this nigga has dropped like 6 mixtapes and still giving away more free music. I see him getting dropped in 2013 for some corny gay promoting other nigga getting signed to good music. They still see you as a peasant Cyhi Da Prynce but u can do well solo and indie cuz u actually have a rare disease called talent but no more ski masks and guns cuz its not believable and that nigga pill is garbage

  • Elsonz

    this nigga cold. he need to get back on his street shit tho that leather pants tight shirt shit save thaty for Big Sean and Pusha T old ass

  • A$VP J-MAC


  • Reg

    Cyhi nice… way too underrated

  • Despite

    Cyhi need an album.