• Truth Will Out

    Top 17 Year Olds. You choose the order. Who’s #5?

    1, Joey Bada$$, <—- Ole school flow & rap purist
    2. Chief Keef, <—– Hook Master / Street Anthems
    3. A.Tibbz <—- Most versatile (longest career potential)
    4. Diggy… <—- Best performer, deep resources & yea he has bars too.
    5. ??????????

  • Dante

    ^ no earl sweatshirt? he’s 18 but fuck it, close enough

  • Hyacinth

    Age ain’t nothing but a number folks ! I rather my artists older because of experience and knowledge, and psy is 35 and for this reason age doesn’t sway the buying masses unless u’re a Justin beiber or some white teen idol kiddy

  • Black Shady

    Am I really gonna be the first one to say it…..really???

    this was wack son. them bars were weak. No hate to Joey Badass….but lets keep it 100

  • Truth Will Out

    @Hyacinth I’m old as dirt. HA! But I like artists at every age. These are just the 17 year olds I pointed out. There are only 4 because of the very reason you explained. But experience comes at different ages. Divorce, Death, Homelessness, Child Abuse and in the case of Diggy being a rich kid and seeing the world like most never have all potentially impact on a young spitters bars, Pro Era experiencing the suicide of Capital Steeze will surely impact their young lives and spit game.

    RIP Capital Steez

  • King of RapRadar

    Black Shady says:
    Thursday, December 27 2012 at 11:41 PM
    Am I really gonna be the first one to say it

  • JustMyOpinion

    ^ Funny thing about your “list,” I don’t see of those guys being relevant in 18 months. #truth

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  • Truth Will Out


    You may be correct. But, what does relevant mean in Hip Hop? I think Diggy has the money, clout & now experience to stay in the game & grow in all areas. He’ll probably be a media giant within the next 20 years. Chief Keef, oh well, we’ve seen that story a million times. Hope he learns quick, turns it around and pulls a Curtis Jackson. Joey Bada$$ can stay around for the next 15 years being that underground purist. There will always be a show market for his genre. The kid will be making upwards of 300k yearly for the next 20 years. A.Tibbz is the least known but most talented/ He aint dropped yet. but his behind the scenes industry buzz is popping. Because he writes, spits, produces and is already a good performer who also video directs, he will can also become & remain relevant in the culture for many years. But hey, I’m just giving props to any 17 year old kid who is working to control his own economics. I’m never gonna hate on that?

  • Beast Coast

    Joey & Pro Era need to stop playing themselves in interviews on the freestyle thing. Don’t let these fuckers pimp you.

    Now who the fuck is A.Tibbz???

  • Yeezus Christ

    who the hell is capital steez and what the hell is pro era

  • Chronic

    @beast coast

    Truth will out is most likely a tibbz aka a fake wannabe drake sounding ass dude

  • Chronic

    And joeys the only one of this group that can rap

  • JustMyOpinion

    @ Truth
    Thanks for replying with an educated response. I couldn’t agree more with your response. May not be relevant, in terms of being on the scene everyday, but definitely may impact somewhere else.

    But, Chief Keef a Curtis Jackson, I doubt it. He’s reach as far as he’ll go. Hope I’m wrong.

  • 85

    Joey is nice with it …

  • Trell

    You can’t call this wack cause all of them are freestyling off the top. If you want to hear them actually go in go download their tape PEEP: The aPROcalypse

  • Trell

    lol I don’t get that, ya’ll complain if it’s written, but when it’s not you call it wack lol

  • Truth Will Out

    @JustMyOpinion: Respect fam!!!

    @Chronic <—- Don't smoke too much

    But thanks for the double compliment. I aint been 17 in a long long long ass time Ha!
    And I can't rap for shit, def not as good as Drake or A.Tibbz.

    If you're a die hard Hip Hop head like me, you know RapRadar gets shit after the streets cook it for a while. Just like Joey being signed by Big Krit's manager, Industry niggas got their claws on A.Tibbz at 15. Fact: I was in Boston @ the Mod Sun concert, A.Tibbz opened and tore the fucking club down. He didn't even have a hype man! Trust, he"s the real deal

    –Truth WIll Out

  • E$CO



  • yella

    Joey badass was the only one who actually rhymed

  • Theunderated

    After that cole diss from diggy i look at him alot differently he can definatly rap

  • R.I.P. Steelo
    Joey Bada$$ and Pro Era is real hip hop, while you bitch asses thinkin Cheif Keef is dope.
    Biggie would be proud of what’s going on in the NY rap scene.
    A$AP Mob, Flatbush Zombies, Action Bronson, Pro Era, Bodega Bamz, etc…

  • brokeisadisease

    I’m pretty sure that anyone commenting on this blog could rap as good as any of these wack artists that keep being mentioned in this post. Maybe I’m numb from growing up in the Pac/BIG/HOV/Nas era of rap but these dudes don’t move me and are avg at best. Like dudes kept tellin me that ASAP was nice so I went and checked out his music. I didn’t hear anything that was really nice from a MC standpoint. And I was sittin there thinkin to myself like people really think this dude spits crack? He ain’t saying nothin that makes you want to bring it back like a Jadakiss or Joell Ortiz or HOV.

  • ^^ but these are the dudes that Hov, Nas, and other legends endorse…..and you believe your opinion is relevant.

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  • floridaboy


  • Normal

    @SaveHipHop people like you are so stuck in the past you think anything that sounds like old school rap is good. There bars were weak point blank. They’re skills just show just how much New York has fell off. Until they stop playing around and put out classic projects they just look very amateurish. Hell I can m freestyle better than JoeyBad and his other boys just looked like shy kids playing in the caf at lunch. Mcing is all about attitude,delivery,lyrics,and consistency. None of these dudes got that. Rip Biggie. If you want that old school feeling but its actually good? Listen to Kdot, Drake,Cole,and Asaps not too lyrical but trill album. Hip-hop heads like lyrics after lyrics with no point or substance it seems. Kinda ironic isn’t it?

  • I’m not looking for just the old school. I want the old school touched with a little bit of new. I’m not saying these dudes behind Joey are as dope…but Joey is. Listen to how lyrical he is on his solo mixtape. I dont even put much stock into a freestyle because I think a real artist takes time to think and put some heart in their lyrics. New York is rising along with the West Coast. Those dudes you listed are all rappers I consider the best right now…especially K.Dot.

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