New Music: Gucci Mane x Wiz Khalifa “Nothin On Ya”

nothing on ya-cover

Gucci and Wiz reunite for somethin’ new produced by DJ Spinz and C4. No telling if this part of something bigger, but it ought to be.

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  • Slim Baller

    Dope as fuck # bsm

  • Scrilla[Young Jeezy #1 hottest MC in the game]


  • This is 50

    Needed lil Wayne n drake n french to be hot

  • Gucci mane ain’t drop nothing nice like this in a minute

  • Brandon

    See that’s called the Wiz Effect… He can make anyone Hot… Look at Currensy



  • Jungle


  • Professor Oak

    @Brandon nigga Curren$y was signed years before he met Wiz Khalifa.

    Both of them niggas weak anyway,Curren$y never got hot by the way.

  • chillthrills

    naaaah,,,,,tired of this sound,,,,,sound like niggas is just lipping,,,,,non cipher kid,,,

    wiz is cool but that other dude is no bueno

    but yo check out my lil man and them,,,,ballin too fast

  • Slim Baller

    @Brandon: Who? CURREN$Y???? is that the guy who releases the same songs wit the same beats and the same subject matter and the same mixtapes over and over again. is he the nigga with a boring ass flow, limited subject matters, awful beat selection and is never gonna blow???


    Curren$y blows, hes about as good/worse than your everyday average rapper. He brings ABSOLUTELY nothing NEW to the RAP scene. No flow no lyrics no bueno

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  • Brandon

    Opps. didn’t mean to offend anyone, I’m just not a fan. But obviously I’m a fan of Wiz. Just noting that rappers are trying to harmonize again and do more of their own hooks… I’m calling it the Wiz effect, not saying he started anything but its an example.

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  • TA

    Not as good as Gucci 2 times!!

  • Serious

    This is obviously more of a Future-influenced hook; definitely not Wiz.

    This song is dead already. Boring as hell and going nowhere.

  • floridaboy

    my nigga wiz

  • Reginald

    Kenny Thomas – True Muzik
    Free Download Link –

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  • Syle

    Wiz’s verse is tight.

  • chillthrills

    cant get no realer than this

  • youngpledge

    sound like future

  • IG mysterese
    go for it

  • Jungle

    Nice lil hit

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  • blehhh

  • Belize

    Wiz X Spitta made each other…granted Spitta sucked balls during his no limit/cash money days. Wiz’s grow season was dope from the get go

  • DoinTooMuch

    Fuck is yall listenin to? This shit garbage, and curren$y is WAAAYYYYYYY better than wiz. smh U niggas need help.